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Ok, so I'm good friends with this guy, and he pokes me a lot. in the waist/stomach area. What does a poke mean? Is it JUST a poke or does it carry more meaning?


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  • He is interested in you more than just a friend. I had a guy do the very same thing to me. He would make fun of me (in a playful way) and ALWAYS would come up and poke me in the ribs. It got to a point where I asked him to stop and he didn't. I thought he didn't like me until he asked me out. I was shocked. I didn't go out with him because he made such a pest and I really didn't like him too much. That was too bad. I guess, from what I gathered later, he really did like me.

    Hope that helps you.

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  • In keeping with the current context of poking, I'd say he fancies you. I wouldn't do it to anybody I didn't fancy so.


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  • Means he likes you but I hate it if they do it so freaking much.

  • jezz that's a hard one.i guess you kinda of have to know the person.does he poke other girls to in the waste or just you.bc if he only does that to you he porbably like you or is intersted in you.but if he does that to other girls to he might just be a more toucher guy or a real big flirt

  • he either sees you as a really close friend whom he is comfortable around or he likes you. it just depends.

  • He likes you!

  • 1. It could mean he's so comfortable with you and likes you as a friend and is just teasing you


    2. He does like you a little more than a friend because he is teasing you.

    I have to know more about the situation.

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