Please help. Why isn't he calling me?

So this guy I've known for about a year started talking to me more two months ago and we became friends. He showed me many signals of wanting to be more than friends: giving me his number, saying he wanted to hang out and that he was up to whatever and that I should just give him a call. He stares... Show More

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  • Without knowing more it's hard to say. My best guess would be that he is waiting for you to take a next step. Maybe he likes you but is unsure about your feelings. You say he knows you like him but that might not be the case. Women are notorious for sending obvious signals (translated to guys: subtle signals) and guys are notorious for being oblivious to the signals.

    Maybe you came off defensive during the conversation asking him why he was "questioning" you. (I'm not sure what you mean) and it made him feel too forward.

    You only mention him calling you... Did you call him too? Maybe he felt closer to you too and hoped you would call after that. Guys need to feel wanted too or they lose interest. Maybe he felt he was bothering you in a way if the calls didn't go both ways.

    Also, you wrote in your text, "if not that's cool too." But it's not cool, because you are freaking out a little bit, right? Don't sound wishy washy or neutral. Either tell him you miss him and want him to call, period. Or call him yourself and tell him you missed him.

    Maybe he didn't call because something came up. Don't worry about it. But it does sound like its still your move.