Why do women still feel entitled to chivalry?

Why do women still feel entitled to chivalry? Why do women still feel entitled to chivalry ?


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  • Because we shave our legs and armpits and more for you. That's why.

    • for us?... you do it for YOU

    • Hmm never thought of that, fair trade I guess lol

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  • Well chivalry is defined as being brave, courtesy, and having honor, all very good qualities to have. Or having courteous behavior towards women. Why would you want to be rude to anyone? I think that everyone should be courteous of others be it men or women. Is it really so horrible to hold the door for someone, does it really matter if it is a woman or man why let it slam in their face. Does it make you feel big or important to be mean or rude to someone? I really don't understand the problem.

    • most are not so quick to express chivalrous gestures for the fact that many (not all) women see mens actions as insincere with an alternative motive, also sometimes, for example when a man does something nice like open the door for them, they walk right in with no thank you or even a smerk. I noticed this type of behavior mostly from women in their mid 40's and younger, the more mature women seem to appreciate this nice public gesture, maybe given the fact we have a surplus of selfishness

    • Oxford definition of chivalry:"polite and kind behavior that shows a sense of honour, especially by men towards women"If you think that chivalry should be to all then I agree, but most women feel ENTITLED to chivalry, that's where I have the issues.

    • Apparently to him being courteous is giving women special rights and treatment

  • ...I'm assuming you are a woman beater?

    • Look at the answer above.She said it well.

    • You really don't see how chivalry contradicts feminism ? you want equal rights but not COMPLETELY equal, just the good parts

    • Nope.You can't defend yours either.You just keep saying "women feel entitled"I don't feel entitled to anything,but down here,guys are just gentleman and do these things without receiving looks or feeling obligated.It isn't my concern as to why you're so emotionally weak you let this woman get to you and magically represent all women.I feel entitled to nothing,so I just defended my point.Bye

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  • They want it all, they are trying to take over the world

  • Cause it's the respectful thing to do

  • This question raises a very good point. Chivalry is essentially based on the idea that women are weak, inferior, need protections, etc. But the modern way of thinking says that everyone is equal? So which is it women? You can't have your cake and eat it too.

    • Oh but I agree with you. I like the differences. And I want a guy to be a guy. I rather cook than mow the lawn ;).

    • Preach it brotha !

    • It's not guys who made the big equality push. I would be perfectly happy to continue my chivalrous behavior if women would just admit that, while everyone should have equal rights, not everyone has equal abilities. As long as we continue with the foolish notion that the only difference between men and women is genitalia, we really should shelve chivalrous behavior so women can REALLY experience equality and see how much they like it.

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  • Why are you so opposed to chivalry?

    • I'm sure her staring at you doesn't necessarily mean that she was expecting you to be chivalrous (i.e. she was just p*ssed off because you took the last seat). You might as well have just said something like 'excuse me, why are you staring at me?' It was her fault for not having gotten that seat first anyway.

    • Yeah, it was because she was staring at me the whole ride and was judging mehow is THIS not sexism ?

    • So you had 6 hours of sitting on your butt in lectures? I can see why you really needed that seat.Ultimately, there is no law that requires you to give up your seat to anyone. However, there's a reason why you felt guilty and I think you know what that was.

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  • No. Now they feel they are entitled to a Chevrolet.