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What physical facial features make a man ugly?

What physical facial features make a man ugly? What physical facial feature make a man ugly ?

Why are symmetric faces attractive?

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  • Asymetric face, deformities, scars, skin conditions, burns, eye conditions, baldness etc

    • To me litle scare on women but a big deal but if she have major scores....

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  • really round face. small head huge ears. squidward nose. . . etc.it's not necessarily a particular facial feature that will make a man's face ugly entirely. some features appear out of place and come off as ugly, while others complement each other quite well. ex) Owen Wilson has a very distinctive nose that may be considered ugly, but he's a very attractive man overall.

  • I would say a weak chin can make a man less attractive.

    • Yep, that is it actually. I think I know but I am not sure 100% what a weak chin is.I may actually have one myself and not known :)

  • bad skin

    • Yesthanks for entertainingbut I personly in-proved my sick so I look better all you need is a little honey to put on your face but what I men is what type of bones-truckers is indulgent ?

  • i don't think a man is ugly just for a certain facial feature.i would have to say, something that is ugly a man could have is...a mustache with no beard or mutton chops. spare me.

    • Yea but if you look past the mustache it can be fix...........were talking deep in the bone

What Guys Said 5

  • bald head...oh wait

    • No that's a buzz cut .....

  • Lol, check out the intellectual responses your gleaning, baby.I'm gonna say grotesque scarring, and vast deformities. LOL. Ever seen elephant man? Yeah. That kinda thing does the trick.

    • Sadly I get more attention from these stupid questions then the poems I publish online lol

    • Loll. Well, you would, tough. The online poetry scene hasn't been thriving for a good few years, and it never had a particularly fame-wrought reputation.

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  • your face lmfao

    • Thank! and are you feeling better?

  • Well in your case, the entire face.

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    • I will. I enjoy your movies greatly. Way to always take it on the face at the end.

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