Should I ask her out?

She's a nice girl and all but really avg. average looks, not too much of a personality. but she really likes me... I don't know if I'm interested or not...


Most Helpful Girl

  • I personally don't think you should ask her out yet. You said she's nice, but average. I think if you're going to have a relationship with her that will last, you have to know in your heart that she is the best girl in the world for you. I think it would definitely be worth it to be friends with her, amd you may start liking her back, but I think you two should get to be close first.

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What Girls Said 5

  • Don't waste her time and/or hurt her if you're not interested, because that's what will happen. You are either interested or you aren't, period. If you're not, move on. Just because she's nice, you don't owe her anything and vice versa. Only pursue people you honestly want to be with.

  • I would say get to know her better. Personally I would feel terrible if I went out with a guy and he dumped me later because he didn't know me better and thought I was average.

  • you better decide if you like her or not quickly

  • You shoukd wait a little maybe ask her out on a date in which you guys can talk a lttle but don't make anything big yet.


What Guys Said 3

  • ask your daring.

    go out with her,

    if your find her more than you know, then your average marks can grow. if you don't like her, then tell her

  • Well for me,its all about I would like to get to know her to know if I'm interested or not.

  • Only one way to find out if you really like her date her and find out if it can go somewhere or not...