Truth Questions to ask your Boyfriend?

Alright. Here's the deal.

Me & my boyfriend always like to play truth online.

I never have any 'decent' questions to ask him.

*suggestions* & *Please help me. !*

thank you allllll <3 that really helps!


Most Helpful Guy

  • There are a ton, in fact there are a series of pages devoted to that on GirlsAskGuys. I have selected a few random from one of those lists;

    *What did you last read, a milk carton, an encyclopedia or something in between?

    *What did you laugh at most recently?

    *What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?

    *On a scale of 6-to-47 how organized are you (or keep it simple, like 1-to-10)?

    If you'd like to read the rest, go to Questions to Ask Boyfriend

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  • Who are 3 girls I know that you like?

    Why'd you pick me above all the rest?

    If you could change my hair style/color to something different than it is now what would it be?

    If I was sick, what would be the first thing you would do?

    Tell me about a dream you've had that I was in.

    If I turned out to have killed someone would you still love me?

    (sorry couldn't resist, I'm reading the Twilight series right now)

    I just noticed your age, so I'm not sure if mine apply.

    They don't seem childish but I'm still in highschool so what do I know =p

  • What movie do you hate the most?

    Who do you hate the most, why?

    What is something in nature (birds, cats, flowers and such) you just can't get enough of?

    Do you knwo the meaning of quantum physics?

    How often do you masturbate while fantascizing about me?

    Where are you the most ticklish?

    What was your most embarrasing moment?

    Have you ever passed gas in front of a group of people?

    Most embarrassing moment at work?

    What is the meanist thing you have ever done to someone you know?

    What is the meanist thing you have ever done to someone you don't know?

    Hope these help.


What Girls Said 11

  • Avoid questions about feelings, marriage, and kids. Most Guys get really turned off by this. Stick with things like:

    What is the last thing you left the house for (it's random and stupid, to keep things light and not awkward)

    What color is your (shirt, boxers, socks: based on how intimate you two are).

    If you're really "close to eachother", ask Are you a virgin/who did you lose it to.

    Do you have pets.

    Whats your fav hobby and how did it start?

    Things like that

  • is it true that you have only been with blank girls?

    Is it true that you only love me?

    is it true that you will always love me and only me?

    ask questions like that and you can't go wrong. plus you will find out more about your relationship together. good luck

    • No that's such a bad idea...Guys hate that, it MAkes you look really insecure. BAD advice!

  • what did you like about me when we first met?

  • Here are a few:

    1. If I promised not to get upset, would you tell me at least 1 thing you would change about me.

    2. With the minimum of 3, tell me things you like about me.

    3. What was your best memory as a child and also your worse.

    4. If you could go back in time and correct one regret would you.

    5. What's one animal you would say your most like.

    6. What traits/quality do you like in a girlfriend and what do you hate.

    7. With 5 adjectives describe yourself.

    8. What's your biggest fear.

    9. Tell me something random that you have yet to tell me, no matter how strange.

    10. If things weren't to work out between us, do you think we could still be friends?

    **hope I helped**

  • last time you masterbated, what sexual positions do you want to try or enjoy, do you enjoy giving or recieving oral more, would you prefer me shaven, waxed or natural. the best questions put him on the spot and take him by surprise

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