What do men find romantic?

Women find candles, flowers, so on romantic. What do men find romantic? How can a woman show her man he's really special to her?


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  • From a purely romantic none lustful point of view in all seriousness a great meal with a clean environment or a washed car that has also been detailed. Certain guys like different things for example I LOVE to cuddle. And most importantly the peace of mind knowing that you don't expect him to do anything good back to you. Even though that's the appropriate thing for him to do something nice back I know don't expect anything back from him. Cause it will cause him more stress then it is relieving. Do what you do with a servants heart. Servants want not but to serve.

    This is not to be taken in a misogynistic way woman are wonderful creations but you are asking me what man really like and I'm just trying to tell you as plainly as possible.

    Best of wishes.



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  • Honesty and sincerity. It might make a girl shy, but seeing her express herself is pretty sweet and romantic.

  • i guess women find candles, flowers, etc. romantic, that's true (and candle light is certainly sexy and sets a mood) . . . but more than that, they find romantic the same things guys do (and I'm not trying to be cheesy here) . . . something personal, something that connects to a detail that's important to them, something that you see and think, "oh my God, I can't believe she remembered that I like that". Something that shows that you pay attention, that you care, and that you "get" me. so that way to show that he's special, isn't to find that thing that "guys" appreciate . . . but that unique thing the "he" appreciates . . . that you care enough to have noticed.

  • Sex.

    I'm serious.

  • Just a simple praise of the good side of his nature is very romantic. Also, just being extremely pleasnt with him also presses the button.

  • I'm not all that a romantic guy, as in, I don't feel romantic by things like candles, flowers, etc, but I do set such stuff up for my girl, and seeing her satisfaction makes me feel romantic.

  • Notice how they only make romance novels for girls not guys. Guys don't read that stuff. What guys like, sex, we are visual, and we like pizza and beer and sport so all those things together show us you care...


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  • Blowjobs? Oh... and Steak.

  • Probably when you surprise him with lacy lingerie hidden under your trench coat ;)