What do men find romantic?

Women find candles, flowers, so on romantic. What do men find romantic? How can a woman show her man he's really special to her?


Most Helpful Guy

  • From a purely romantic none lustful point of view in all seriousness a great meal with a clean environment or a washed car that has also been detailed. Certain guys like different things for example I LOVE to cuddle. And most importantly the peace of mind knowing that you don't expect him to do anything good back to you. Even though that's the appropriate thing for him to do something nice back I know don't expect anything back from him. Cause it will cause him more stress then it is relieving. Do what you do with a servants heart. Servants want not but to serve.

    This is not to be taken in a misogynistic way woman are wonderful creations but you are asking me what man really like and I'm just trying to tell you as plainly as possible.

    Best of wishes.