What does it mean when he says he wants to cuddle with me?

A guy friend of mine I haven't seen in a while, asked me to hangout and I said sure. the first time it ended with me going over to his house and coloring his hair with temp dye. He now suggest I come over after school and bring any movie of my choosing so we could watch it. [nervous I asked my friend how I should reply and she told me to say 'yes' so I did] He even straight forwardly asked me if we were going to cuddle. I've never really hung out with a guy, let alone cuddled or had a boyfriend, so I don't really know what to think, expect, or what he means. [note: he even told me he and his girlfriend broke up two weeks ago] so what does this all mean? I'd really like your opinions. Also, I think I kind of like him. :]