Dating someone shorter than me?

this is completely my issue, I understand that. but I can't get over the fact that he's a bit shorter than I am. I'm 5'6 and he's about less than an inch shorter than me. but still shorter. and I'm uncomfortable with that. other than the height thing, he's perfect.

girls--have you ever dated someone shorter than you? were you OK with it? was it even an issue for you?

guys-have you dated girls taller than you? was it an issue? did you not care?


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  • The only reason why I could find it bothersome is because I'd be thinking that the girl might not like me because of my height. So no, actually, I wouldn't have a problem with dating someone taller as long as I knew I had the personality that "compensates" for it and I found them attractive, which is actually possible to happen.

    Don't forget - the clinging to the idea of having someone taller than you is nothing more than a social norm that is in -your head-. Considering this guy is almost the same height as you are, you could look at the benefits of having someone of similar height, instead of looking at the bad side of having someone not higher. The only disadvantage I can think of is that you cannot really wear heels because that would be mildly strange, but even then it's just something to get used to. And really, heels are pointless and bad for your feet..

    (for me, personally, if I had to think about the female perspective, I'd find lot taller guys intimidating. I personally just don't see the appeal in it. and if two people are of similar height, then they don't have to find stairs to make out just because the girl is like 8 inches shorter, and they can actually hug each other like normal people. so I never really knew why anyone would want someone so much taller in the first place.)


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  • Drives me crazy that girls can completely dismiss a guy because he's shorter than they are or not tall enough in general. Seems totally ridiculous. I'd have no problems whatsoever dating a girl taller than me.

  • I've dated girls in the 6"0+ range(i'm 5"8), it did bother me a little bit as it felt rather awkward in a way when we where kissing while we where standing but it wasn't a dealbreaker in the end. I've had girls reject me for my height however, I found THAT awkward and rather silly personally.

    I don't think less then an inch is a difference worth dumping him for if he's "perfect" in every other way


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  • I'm sure people may think that it means that your insecure and things of that nature, but that's not true. I'm the same height as you and I've dated a guy who was my height (maybe like a bit taller) and it bothered me. I just have a thing where guys have to be like in the 6ft range because I like to wear heels and I would feel uncomfortable if I was 5'10 and he was 5'6. But that's just me. One time I hung out with a guy that liked me nd he was shorter than me (nd I'm not tlkn about less than an inch) and it drove me crazy. lol

    BUT if you like him and you two connect and everything else is perfect, then date him. Don't let height ruin something good. And less than an inch shorter is nothing. If he was like 4 or 5 inches shorter then that would b something, but that height difference isn't bad at all.

  • I'm 5'6" too girl and I could never date anyone shorter than me. I want a dude to be AT LEAST my height.

    Good luck.