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How can I make my ex regret breaking up with me?

I don't want him back, I just want to torture him a little and regret breaking up with me, any ideas?

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  • I'm trying to do the same to my ex >=) You should just make it obvious that you've moved on and that you're happy with your new life without him. Make him realize what he's missing out on, and that him breaking up with you was the worst decision of his life. Try saying things that remind him of what you once had. Don't say them directly though, if you have a social networking site then you may wanna put some of these things there so he can see them. For example if you're friends on Facebook. You can also have a mutual friend constantly reminding him that what he did was stupid, and that you're a great girl. This will make him feel like a total ass because the loss of you is really sinking in =) Have fun girl, I hope this helped.

    • by far the most helpful answer, thank you! good luck!

What Guys Said 10

  • If it is the same guy look at your last three questions and it blows my mind a little. Seems like you need to clear your mind and decide what you want to do with him unless you like playing this game.

  • work hard and make yourself more excellent.

    indeed, I know you are unwilling to broke with him in your heart

    if he comes back, and repents sincerely. what should you do?

    i bet you will accept him again. listen to me, if you make your mind to break with him, just let

    it go.

    the best way of forgetting somebody is to start a new life and make new friends instead of


    • I agree with this a lot, thank you

  • You carn't honey!

    1, If he broke up with you he must of had a reason!

    2, Torturing someone just isn't the way forward (No matter what they have done)



  • Go live a good life without ever looking back.

  • Make yourself extra pretty, put on a smile (as if to let him know you're happy his a$$ is gone) and be seen in the arms of a really good looking stud. Make out with him in public, too. Then get into his rich sports car and drive off, flipping off your ex-boyfriend while driving off saying, "My new man has a bigger weiner than you!"

  • Just ignore him and move on. If your trying to torture him a little you clearly aren't over him and the power is still with him. If he is over you then anything you do try will mostly look desperate and weak. If anything it will make him regret breaking up with you less. Just date other guys not because you want to make him jealous but because their are other guys out their who can make you feel happy. Once you really are over him and feeling good about yourself he'll probably miss you but don't exhaust your energy trying to get back at him. The only time people miss their ex partners is when they see the person they fell for in the first place. Not the angry, spiteful person looking for revenge!

    • This is the best answer!

  • Text him the kind of panties you're wearing

    • ah this answer made me LOL

  • why did he break up with you in first place?

    • he broke up with me through text because he was going back to his ex girlfriend. so I don't think it was really me, I just got in the way and was a distractor to their on-again, off-again relationship that I had no idea about at the time.

  • Grow up

    • haha I admit this question at the time was not very cool of me. how a few years can change a person

  • what are you 5?

    • touche

What Girls Said 8

  • Just enjoy life without him

  • Considering he broke up with you, then there probably isn't anything you can do. Just be happy with your life and be confident, he'll see that and realize how much better you are WITHOUT him.

  • move on, for real. just move on, and pretend like it didn't even bother you, once he sees that you're happy and your breakup didn't even affect you, he'll be so mad.

    haha, at least that's what happened with my ex, I moved on pretty quickly and he got so pissed off that he tried to fight my new boyfriend and did everything he could to get us to break up, but when he didn't, he got so angry that he now does everything possible to avoid seeing us...its kinda funny actually :)

  • I think that this is a normal feeling. I felt the same way when my boyfriend and I broke up. He was a douche and even though I broke up with him, I felt like he deserved to hurt as much as I did. It doesn't really help in the end. :\

    If you feel this way, it also means you aren't quite ready to be friends with him, so if he's asking to be friends the best thing you can do is ignore him (if you want to bug him just a LITTLE.) If you change your mind about hurting him, and he wants to be friends, just tell him you need some time.

  • datee his bestfriendd! workss ALL thee timee!(:

    • EVIL!

    • well doesn't it work? yea it does work ALL the time.!(:

      &how am I evill? lmaoo

  • ignore him. ignore him. if you see him- look like you're having a blast without him and IGNORE HIM.

  • look hot when your around him, flirt with other guys without making it slutty and don't give him any attention. be happy without him, it'll make him go crazy.

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