How can I make my ex regret breaking up with me?

I don't want him back, I just want to torture him a little and regret breaking up with me, any ideas?


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  • I'm trying to do the same to my ex >=) You should just make it obvious that you've moved on and that you're happy with your new life without him. Make him realize what he's missing out on, and that him breaking up with you was the worst decision of his life. Try saying things that remind him of what you once had. Don't say them directly though, if you have a social networking site then you may wanna put some of these things there so he can see them. For example if you're friends on Facebook. You can also have a mutual friend constantly reminding him that what he did was stupid, and that you're a great girl. This will make him feel like a total ass because the loss of you is really sinking in =) Have fun girl, I hope this helped.

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      by far the most helpful answer, thank you! good luck!