What do you consider playing games?

What do you consider playing games?

Let me restate: What do you think, what playing games is. I was asking, what you'd define as playing games and NOT what your opinion of playing games is.


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  • playing games is sort of like lying. A guy tells me he likes me but he isn't proving it with his actions and then he leaves me cold turkey and tells me he never had feelings for me but was just stringing me along so that he got attention from a girl... whatever that means.

    Anyways why pretend you like a girl for a long time when you don't like her?

    I know you want attention and I know you want someone to pay attention to you, and give you a confidence boost but you can just get that from friends. You don't need to play with someone's heart to do that.

    AGH... thank God I'm done with dating.


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  • mixed messages/signals. saying you really liek the person and talking to them 24/7 then randomly stopping or acting weird and changing minds

  • Everything that involves a guy not being straightforward with me

  • Lying, or confusing a person with their or your feelings towards them.

  • if it's positive with no one being hurt its ok!


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  • Games are about manipulation.

    They're a form of dishonesty and it leads to mistrust.

    For example, making up stories in an effort to provoke a woman's jealousy. Or faking interest in a woman you already know is super into you so that you can trick her into bed.

    Games are for boys or girls who haven't grown up enough to realize that honesty and sincerity can still get you everything you want (one-night stands, long-term relationships, etc) without having to mislead or hurt your partner.

    ~ Robby

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  • Pretending to be unavailable, pretending to be less interested or uninterested, trying to make me "chase" her, working to get attention from other guys while I'm around

  • To me, playing games is either bad or neutral. If a guy or girl is toying with the person and manipulating them for whatever reason, that is playing games. Like if a guy is playing the nice, sweet guy in order to get in a girls pants, then he's being manipulative. If a girl is stringing a guy along by making him think she wants to be chased when she's only interested in the attention, that's playing games.

    Playing hard to get is natural to an extent. Nobody wants to be treated like an object, so making them prove themselves first seems to be a safe way to handle things. But if someone is lead on too much, then it's probably getting questionable.