What do you consider playing games?

What do you consider playing games?

Let me restate: What do you think, what playing games is. I was asking, what you'd define as playing games and NOT what your opinion of playing games is.

Most Helpful Girl

  • playing games is sort of like lying. A guy tells me he likes me but he isn't proving it with his actions and then he leaves me cold turkey and tells me he never had feelings for me but was just stringing me along so that he got attention from a girl... whatever that means.

    Anyways why pretend you like a girl for a long time when you don't like her?

    I know you want attention and I know you want someone to pay attention to you, and give you a confidence boost but you can just get that from friends. You don't need to play with someone's heart to do that.

    AGH... thank God I'm done with dating.