Guys, do you know when a girl is flirting?

so, I've been attempting to make it blatantly obvious that I'm interested in this guy. I've heard guys are obvilious,

is this always the case?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Most guys have a hard time telling the difference of a flirt vs a girl being nice. In these situations, as obvious as you think you are, you aren't being enough.

    I've listened to my friends say " I don't understand how he can't know, I smile and make appoint to ask about his day, what else can I do?" The guy for all he knows is you being a nice chatter box.

    Although I know this, personally if I am not looking to meet someone, my flirting radar is out the window. I know girls, even if they aren't looking, can detect a guy flirting with them. Guys however, if not in the right state of mind won't have a clue.