What does it mean when a girl keeps smiling at you?

She also rubbed her leg against yours but I THINK she has a boyfriend. BTW she is so hot.


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  • well, I am a girl and I have a friend that I think thinks I like him because of your above information... but as the girl in the position... I can say no... I don't like him like that... he is great to talk to and really funny, truthfully, I don't know why I don't but really, I'm just not interested. your girl could be the same as me or she could like... depends on how flirty she is with other people? do you consider it to be flirtatious with others? that kinda thing... if you comment and want me to comment back.. we can chat or email because my comment button doesn't work: my email is carolgenie@yahoo.com


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  • she may be hott but do you really want to be involved with a girl who has a boyfriend? think about it. if she's in a bad relationship that sucks but then she needs to break it off with that her boyfriend. if she's not in a unhappy relationship and she's doing that maybe she's doing that to a lot of guys also if you get my drift. seems more like a tease

  • flirty, finds you sexy & wants you. Good luck! :D


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  • She is flirting with you. Flirt back with her. Just ask her if she have a boyfriend.