Guys what do you think of if a woman hits you and what would you do?

Is it acceptable for a woman to hit a man as oppsoed to a man hitting a woman because of physical strength differences?

What would you do if a woman hit you?

Ok, I've never once hit a guy, not even my bf.. and I got hit by him a lot, ...I would say this, a guy packs a strong hit, most women probably dont...but you're saying she is trying to kill you, is she armed...
because my boyfriend could hold both my wrists with one hand, and hit me with the its hard to see how you can be killed by here if you leave, or something likethat...most guys are so strong, I mean mine was amazingly strong, and the thing is,
never felt like hitting, I just felt afraid, ..Id leave if you see something start...try that maybe...also I don't want to belabor the point of what I went through, but I cuoldnt leave, in case you're wondering, unless
you were in that situation, nobody could understand, I sure wouldn't before that, but he cornered me, and when I tried to run a lot of times, he had no
problem getting a hold of me, I can talk about this calmly now, but..not your situation it sounds like it would cool down normally, if someone just left the scene.

ok this is not what happened to me but this is what this woman said and I think it was a really good answer so I put it up


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  • I wouldn't hit her unless I needed to subdue her for self defence. Then I'd end the relationship immediately. There can be no justification for violence. It's that straight forward.

    • sounds reasonable enough to me

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    • Why do you ask? Have a bit of an affinity for man beating? ;)

    • omg no way, i`m a wimp, I would never hit a man unless i`m playfighting, I do hit then but its just messing around and both parties are having fun so nah lol

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  • I truly feel that I can fatally damage a woman if I hit her full-strength (look @ my pic; I'm 5'10", 325, ~30% body fat). If she's attacking me with some sort of weapon, I'd do ANYTHING but strike her. I'd push, hold, disarm, trip, headlock, chicken-wing-lock, etc. Only if my life truly was in danger would I strike her. Hopefully I never end up in a situation like that.

    Of course some people would say that my statement makes me an abusive guy. No...that's not the case. If a woman decides to attack me...i'm not gonna stand there & let her wail on me, fearing being arrested for being "abusive" lmao. Imma defend myself, but I don't wanna fatally damage a female unless she was trying to fatally damage me.

    Rate down if you being real. Defend yourself, regardless of the gender of that attacker. :)

  • I'd warn her once to never do that again, and if she does it again I'd first slap her as hard as I possibly could across the face, if she kept coming I'd punch her.

  • I'd take her, restrain her, bend her over my knees, spank her until she'd stop resisting and hope for angry make-up sex.

    • I would not hit her or slap her in the face in return (no matter what) because from my experience girls can be easily restrained and like you said... you can often hold both their hands in just one of yours. Also... spanking doesn't really hurt that much. The worst case scenario... you'll have a few blue marks on your booty.

    • But it's more or less just about you not being able to move... The force applied to the slap is absolutely unimportant.

  • nobody should be hitting anybody. if a woman hits me I'll defend myself for protection but no one should be hitting anyone.

    • yeah you right no-one should be hitting anyone but you do hear of men being abused by women

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    • your boyfriend was hitting you or was that someone else's story? that's so cowardly, why would a guy do that, I can't understand people sometimes.

    • no it wasn`t me, it was someone else`s story I posted up, yh I know sad and cowardly and she never did anything back, she just let him because he was stronger and she wasn't strong enough

  • Hitting doesn't solve anything. If my mom hit me then I just bang on my desk,wall, or slam a door or listen to really loud music. But if I had a girlfriend and we loved each other and later on in the relationship she hit me a lot then I would most likely stay in the relationship because I don't think I would be able to find another woman that would put up with me and that could love me better.

    • Thats no reason to put up with abuse

    • Its better than being alone.

    • don`t think like that, there`s so many women out there who will love you for you without hitting but I guess its your choice at the end of the what you thinks best for you

  • Nobody should be hitting anyone. It's a childish way to solve a problem, and only makes it worse anyway. If a women was pushing me around, I'd try to ignore her and walk away so she can be by herself and calm down. If she tries hitting me, including my face, stomach, or balls, then I'm going to restrain her and possibly throw her outside so she can sleep in the rain or something. If she's got something as in a weapon of some sort, then she's getting knocked out. I can be arrested and tell my side later on, but I'm not letting someone do that kind of harm to me, man or woman.

  • laugh.

  • i will cry &complain abt her to my

    on a serious note,i'd ignore her if she hit me anywhere apart from face &testitcles...

    if she hits me on facei'd nt mind giving her a bloody nose.

    &if it is the othr place...well then...i'd gasping for breath...

    • :O you1d give her a bloody nose?

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    • nt denying...u are smart!

    • lol thank you

  • If she hits me, and keeps coming after me, I'm gonna restrain the hand that keeps hitting me. I won't hit back, though. Most likely, I'll get out of that situation if I can't talk her down.

  • if she hits me first its fair game to hit back rspecially if its full force

    • I wouldn`t expect any other answer from a 16 year old

    • 16 or not id still hit the bitch I really don't care what the law says if anyone hits me guy or girl I'm punching them back cause girls like to think they can get away with hitting since guys cant

    • ok I hear ya

  • not acceptable...unless playful during sex maybe...but in most other circumstances its not acceptable, and if your going to do that, do it to someone else, because its not something you do to a boyfriend or girlfreind

  • i would hit her back

  • No it's never acceptable for anyone to be hitting anyone. Strength differences don't really matter, any one can feel the pain when caught by surprise. I mean hand to hand most guys would kick ass but women should never be underestimated.

    I've been hit by my exgirl a couple of times and believe me a mad woman packs a huge punch. Specially because they are emotional, never hold back, and are not afraid of injuring you because they are thinking irrationally.

    On the other hand as a guy I don't ever think I'd be able to hit a woman, and If I did need to it would never be with as much force as I would any guy. I pushed her off me and she has gotten hurt that way too so don't ever man handle your girl. Try to restrain her in some kind of way no matter how hard it is and talk her down from her anger-high.

  • I probably wouldn't hit her back, just defend myself (from hurt) and give her a stern warning...


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  • Domestic violence is not acceptable under any circumstances.

  • No one should put his/her hands on another person- ever. I think it's only justified in self defense situations only.

  • Violence is never the solution but honestly I think if girls think its okay to go around hitting gys because they can't do anything back they are asking for it obiously the guy can't to it with full strengh but withen reason I was at a bar with a guy mate once and he ended up in a argument with a girl bigger than him ad she keeped hitting himehe was like seriously if you want to fight with me ill hit you back so he did and I don't blame him she though she could get away with it

  • Violence is never the solution. No one should hit anyone, regardless of gender.