Guys what do you think of if a woman hits you and what would you do?

Is it acceptable for a woman to hit a man as oppsoed to a man hitting a woman because of physical strength differences?

What would you do if a woman hit you?

Ok, I've never once hit a guy, not even my bf.. and I got hit by him a lot, ...I would say this, a guy packs a strong hit, most women probably dont...but you're saying she is trying to kill you, is she armed...
because my boyfriend could hold both my wrists with one hand, and hit me with the its hard to see how you can be killed by here if you leave, or something likethat...most guys are so strong, I mean mine was amazingly strong, and the thing is,
never felt like hitting, I just felt afraid, ..Id leave if you see something start...try that maybe...also I don't want to belabor the point of what I went through, but I cuoldnt leave, in case you're wondering, unless
you were in that situation, nobody could understand, I sure wouldn't before that, but he cornered me, and when I tried to run a lot of times, he had no
problem getting a hold of me, I can talk about this calmly now, but..not your situation it sounds like it would cool down normally, if someone just left the scene.

ok this is not what happened to me but this is what this woman said and I think it was a really good answer so I put it up


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  • I wouldn't hit her unless I needed to subdue her for self defence. Then I'd end the relationship immediately. There can be no justification for violence. It's that straight forward.

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      sounds reasonable enough to me

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      Why do you ask? Have a bit of an affinity for man beating? ;)

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      omg no way, i`m a wimp, I would never hit a man unless i`m playfighting, I do hit then but its just messing around and both parties are having fun so nah lol