Why is my boyfriend avoiding me?

So here is the story...I went over to my boyfriend's house to talk to him about some issues I had with the relationship. My intentions were not to... Show More

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  • I don't know what your issues were that caused the fight. If a guy says I'm too stressed it means he's too stressed...it doesn't mean, like a lot of girls mean (and I hate!), I want to avoid talking to you right now because I don't want to hurt your feelings, I don't want to talk to you because you suck, etc etc.

    However, if your issues had to deal with infidelity, then his blow up could be his way of covering it up. If you think he's mad at you, you'll back off, and he can go on cheating.

    So assuming it was JUST that he was stressed out, then I'm going to assume that's what it is. Is it his job? his home life? what? Something's bugging him for sure...

    However, you following him out like that only pisses people off more... I say people because I'm like that. If I tell a guy I need time to think and he follows me like a girl does, I hate it and I get even more angry. I hate to say it but it's true. Us girls are totally impatient. A guy walks out and we follow when we shouldn't.

    I would say that you're still together since he didn't say you broke up...give him a little more time... if however a week goes by and he says nothing then maybe you can call and say, well I guess we're broken up now since I haven't heard from you. I didn't think we were but I guess we are...

    Or you could go the other route and say I'm worried about you, please let me know you're OK.

    Depends on how P O'd you are at him and what you want your results to be...