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How to ignore feelings?

i need a little help, I've fallen in love with a girl I can never be with. we have been friends for years and I have always fancied her but in the... Show More

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  • You really only have two options. You could tell her how you feel, which sounds like you don't want to do. OR You could distance yourself from her. It's impossible to get over feelings for someone if you talk to them all the time.

    • but if I tell her it would either make things awkward or id loose her and her brother as friends

    • True, but every person risks this every time they tell someone that they like them. So you just need to ask yourself if it's worth the risk. She might have feelings for you too.

    • no I know she dosn't

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  • Well I don't think you can ignore those feelings for her but try meeting someone else and those feelings should go away and its a win win you get a new girlfriend and you can still be her friend just try it

    • its not that easy to just meet someone and have feelings for them though. also id feel guilty going out with another girl while thinking about her

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