What is the best 'One-Liner' according to you to impress a girl?

ok guys...i m looking forward to learn some new catchy and effective one-liners to hit a girl with...lets see what we can get out of this...

also girls out there...i always hear those creepy one-liners that you have received...but now tell me what was d best one-liner that you received or would love to receive?


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  • this guy one came up to me once and told me I had "pretty eyes" , he was very just chill about it and very bold so I was like O_O speechless for a while and I didn't know what to say, it was nice though I remembered it because it was my first time ever getting frozed up about a compliment


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  • Like yobooty said when guys walk up give a girl a compliment and then they just walk away without saying anything else will make me want to talk to him. I don't know if that is just me though.


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  • Taken from an anonymous user on here a few months ago...

    "Hi, sorry to bother you but I'm in town for the Young Billionaires of America convention and I can't find my hotel. Could you help me?"

    Take her to a hotel if need be ;)

  • im want to tickle your tummy ... from the inside


    would you like me to tickle your tummy ? ... from the inside

    • Lolzz that sounds like a funny line from a comic movie...but I don't think u'll get anything but a slap...in real...!

    • haha yea, its from youth in revolt, if you search "youth in revolt bed scene" on youtube it should come up

  • "Hey, wanna get donkey punched tonight?"

  • "I'll just bet the keys to my Bentley would look great in your purse!"

    • n from whr you are gonna bring that Bentley dude...in case you don't have one?

    • Oh yeah, damn! Only a Maserati Gran Cabrio. Trouble is the babes won't know what it is and will think it is a Chrysler Sebring.

  • I'm a doctor.

    I'm an actor.

    • whao...whats that...i didn't get it!?!

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    • Maybe she will ask if you would like to be her Gynecologist.

    • You rush in and look around and ask if someone called a doctor. Then you smile, lean up against the bar, and ask if the ladies need a refill. Doctor's orders. :D