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Why can't some guys just man up and tell you they don't want you?

I don't understand why there are some guys out there that won"t just tell you they don"t want to date you instead they just keep avoiding your calls... Show More

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  • I have the same exact question right now. I have dated this guy and thought things were going great until a recent fight. I gave him his space but he contacted me on NYE. So I tried calling/texting/emailing and absolutely no response. I just want closure and just for him to say not interested good bye. I think what we both need to do is realize we are better than the treatment we have received. If the man respects you he would be straight up with what's going on. I'm sorry you are feeling this way and wish that you will find someone who treats you with the respect you deserve. Good Luck.

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  • I think this question actually applies to both guys and girls. I know many women that just play around with a guys mind and then blow them off. I think this is just a matter of them not wanting to be the bad guy (or girl) in the situation. So instead of seeming hurtful by initiating the break up, they give subtle hints and stuff, hoping that either their partner will do it, or get into a big argument so they can "have a reason" to break up.

  • I wouldn't want to hurt her feelings be being the one ending it so would beat about the bush but at the end of the day you got to tell her face to face. Other guy (I know) give it all the talk but run from the problem till its a bigger problem.

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  • Ugh I know exactly what you mean. Going through that with my ex. Instead of just telling me it's over he kept saying I need time or space.

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