Guys. How do you want girls to treat you?

How do you want girls to treat you? What do you want them to do/not do to you?

Tell the girls here so they can know!


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  • Guys DON'T want:

    - To be babied ("Ohhh it'll be okay", "Poor babe, I wish I could something :(", etc)

    - To be human punching bags; if you're on the rag and pissy, don't come hang out.

    - To be expected to treat you certain ways unless you specify those ways

    - To be played with / manipulated / and/or taunted with your games


    Really, we have the same "human desires" that everyone has including women. There are tricks to men though:

    Men can feel bashful for admitting their true desires (sex, asking you out, asking you on a date, etc).. So just like women, we have built a "system" in our heads that allows us to do so without making ourselves look vulnerable. That's why you see a difference between what a guy "says he wants" and what he really wants.

    He may say he wants: Love, sex, etc.. But what he really wants? (This is my personal list, it may not apply to all guys)

    - He wants you to rock his world sexually. Blow him away, literally

    - He wants you to work on your physical and emotional improvements.

    - He wants you a back massage and you to cuddle with him, so he feels loved

    - He wants passionate 1-3 second kisses, not quick pecs on the lips.

    - He wants a girlfriend that can go behind the fence at disneyland (a rebel)

    - He wants a loyal girlfriend who won't talk flirtatiously with anyone but him.

    etc etc.. the very most important one:

    - He wants a girlfriend who takes pride in herself.

    ... That's about all the listing I can do before my hands are gonna fall off.. The next thing I'd like to mention is how to spot when something is going haywire in your relationship:

    - Remember those times where your gut feels like something is wrong? TAKE ACTION

    - Noticing he's not calling much anymore? TAKE ACTION

    - Noticing he doesn't talk to you like he did before? TAKE ACTION


    Spotting those "off moments" are easier than said.. Just pay attention to how things were or "are" and then realize how it feels when they change. When you feel that alteration in your relationship, something has either drastically improved or drastically faulted. Probably the latter. It's up to you to figure out what to do, how to do it, or why to do so.

    False myth:

    "Love is undying between each other and you ALWAYS feel attracted to the other person."

    - Bullsh*t, I about wanted to strangle my ex love of my life. We don't need you to be perfect 24/7 and we don't try to be ourselves, we just want a NORMAL human being that puts effort into us (so we feel noticed) as much as herself (so she is independent in her emotions making our effort towards her that much better).. Here's an explanation:

    -- If you constantly feel bad about yourself (insecure, etc) + we feed you a compliment.. Then everything just balances.. you come up to your normal state of being.

    -- If you constantly feed your own emotions and support your independent self + we feed you a compliment.. Then everything skyrockets and you'll feel amazing, as will we.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

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      i don't see why your 1st point is bad. I would just say these things because I care for the person. to me it shows compassion.

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      Then show your compassion to a girl, we don't want to hear that, it is really annoying. The part that bothers us the most with that first part emzy is HOW you girls say it. It makes us feel like little kids, when we are clearly adults.