Is he avoiding me? What does this mean?

My boyfriend texted me last week and said he wanted more space,which we only see each other once a week. Then he later texts me and says he may not be really ready for a relationship.. but he wasn't breaking up with me. He told me he loved me and he just needs to think that's all. I asked if I was losing him and he said no. I love him to death and he loves me too. I haven't heard from him in a week and I texted him Sunday(1/23/11) and told him I loved him and I missed him like crazy. I haven't gotten a response at all. Is he avoiding me? I understand he needs time to think.


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  • I don't think he's being fair to you at all. Usually a break means "I want to see other people and it not be cheating" to some people. I think you owe it to yourself to get your mind off of him right now and do things for you and things that will make you happy. I have a feeling that he's just not ready for the relationship and wants out of it but is having a hard time leaving you completely. If you don't see him on a regular basis then it really doesn't make sense for him to want to take a break from you unless you guys talk constantly through out the day. My advice is to go out and get your mind off of him. Don't contact him until he does and then ask him what this reasons for the break was. If you did nothing wrong then it wasn't right for him to do that to you and just cut off communication with you completely.

    • I asked him if it was going to be awhile before I got to see him. He replies he doesn't know. He just needs time to think that's all cause we kinda rushed into it quickly. But when he said he maybe wasn't really ready for a relationship, I asked if he was breaking up with me and he replied, I didn't say that. What does all this mean?

    • It sounds like he isn't sure what he wants. He might be taking time to see if the single life feels more right to him. If I was you I'd wait a week and if he still doesn't contact me then I'd take it as a hint that he obviously isn't missing me so he's not worth my time or energy and that I need to find a guy who deserves me.

    • That's exactly what my brother said. He said it could be tough for him because I have a 2 year old son. And he's trying to figure out how to deal with this. I told him I would wait on him because I loved him...but him advoiding me is not right.


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  • Just because a guy says once a week can mean one week there may be nothing if he needs space with certain things. He's saying once a week just so he can let you know you are not out of the picture.

    • I meant I have only seen him twice in this month.

  • To give it to you straight he has commitment issues and does not want to be with one girl. My advice to you would be to either break up with him or completely ignore him for a few weeks. If he loves you he will contact you first.


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