My girlfriend broke my heart, but I still love her :[ can I still get her back?

Alright my girlfriend and I have been going out for 4 months would of been 5 on the 15 of Feb :'{. Am not sure exactly y she end it we had arguments about me not replying, logging out when we talked, and how paranoid I would get because we haven't seen each other in 2 MONTHS! how am I suppose to be. Also she told me that we don't have much in common and that she doesn't love me anymore x(. She also said that she doesn't want to be in long relationships I took that to heart X[. She wants to be friends but I begged her we can make this work :[ I just want to be with her again but how? please! I almost forgot she told me this before we ended out convo(I don't wanna end this like were gonna never talk to each other again like yeah it may get weird (at times),we had fun times & yea your a great guy but the moments we had I'll Never forget , yea we had rough times but we got through it .. You were the only true boyfriend I had & liked a lot b after a while i don't know what happen but don't worry I'll still love ypu :])