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My girlfriend broke my heart, but I still love her :[ can I still get her back?

Alright my girlfriend and I have been going out for 4 months would of been 5 on the 15 of Feb :'{. Am not sure exactly y she end it we had arguments... Show More

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  • My advice...just move on. She's obviously not into the idea of making things work again. If a person says it's not going to work out, I've learned to believe them. If that thought overcomes them they no longer try and when only one person is working at a relationship it's a disaster. Unless she's thrilled about getting back together, I would nix the idea. Hope it works out! Good luck! (:

  • Is this a long distance relationship kind of deal? It seems like it.

    She seems pretty firm on her position, so for now I think you should start putting yourself in a position to get over her and move on.

    The final part she said...is probably true, but the REASON why she said was to probably reassure you that you were a good guy and lessen the blow of her leaving you.

    Anyway, if you keep trying to push her into coming back to you it'll just end up pushing her away, turning her off, and probably ruining any developing friendships.

    If you do distance yourself or give her some room...she might have returning feelings. But remember this is just a CHANCE.

    Best bet: try to move on.

    Good luck to you!

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