Why is she always ignoring me and blowing me off, when it seems that she likes me?

here is my story: When I met her, she seemed to dig me, she was very friendly and flirty I must say. Then the second time and from then on she kept and keeps ignoring me, like she doesn't even want to say hi. Yet her face, her eyes and some of her actions say otherwise, like she does like me.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Some women tend to have that personality where they just can't be mean in person. Maybe she isn't in to you, but doesn't want to seem rude when confronted? Be then again, what exactly is it about her face and eyes that make you feel otherwise? As well as her actions? Maybe she just seems nice... or is it more along the lines of flirty? That's one view...

    Another view is the concept of "actions speaking louder than words." Maybe she's shy and doesn't know how to convey that she perhaps really interested in you (doubtful as you said she was very friendly and flirty), so has resorted to actions over words. When you say flirty... was she flirty verbally or physically?

    You should also consider the "first time you met." That could also mean everything. At a club or party sometimes is a result of drinks or not thinking straight because one might want to try something wild. School, could be different, flirty to be friendly and such, but maybe after getting to know you she's not sure. Maybe she sees you as clingy. How often do you text? What do you say when you text (don't need to answer that, but consider it). If you're overly flirtatious, she may be unprepared for a relationship and so keeps you at distance. Or maybe she doesn't mind flirting, but doesn't want to be serious.