Is he flirting?

What does it mean when a guy constantly stares at you?

This guy always stares at me and he does this even when I look at him and then he snaps out of his staring and smiles at me. We know each other wonder why he does that , it does not scare me just want to know why, I look normal he really stars when I dress up. Is he call himself flirting or fantasizing?


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  • women are the masters at flirting, most men can be pretty good at it, but there are quite a few men who mean well, but just suck at the flirting game.

    if you like the guy, give him a break, and ask him out. hell, maybe his is fantasizing about you? that's a good thing, means he likes you, men do NOT fantasize over unattractive women.

    maybe he needs some encouragement from you to actually make a move.

    a smile from a woman does not mean "ask me out already" in a man's brain.

    he needs an engraved invite.


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  • Probably a little of both. Especially if he does it more when you are all dolled up. Sounds like he is definitely interested. Enjoy the flattery unless it bothers you. If you want things to go further, his friendship with you might be stopping him from acting on it. He might need a few hints that you are interested too.

    We only stare if there is something worth staring at. If he didn't want to get caught, he would be looking away. He is probably waiting to see how you respond to his gazes.

  • It could mean he's blind and it's just a coincidence that he smiles and turns away every once in awhile.

    Or he probably likes you.

  • He's interested.

  • not so much fantasizing just checking you out

  • He is crushin' on you and probably wants to get to know you better. Try talking to him to see if anything happens, if he's still creepy just ignore it as best as you can.

  • He is infatuated mezmorized hypnotized by you. In short he would like to get to know you better but hasn't musterd the courage to ask you out. If you are wearing something revealing he may be fantasizing. But if he is looking into your eyes he is romantisizing.


What Girls Said 2

  • He's undressing you in his mind.

    Uh but seriously. Guys who stare just like what they see.

    • Why does everyone assume we're undressing you in our minds?

      We're not we just thing your attractive and like to look at you. Not all of

      us are sex obsessed.

    • Hah, well I was kidding a little. I guess that's hard to do on the internet.

      But please, most of you ARE sex-obsessed.

  • he probably finds you attractive, if you notice him looking at you, you look away, then look back to see if he still looks at you, if he does, definitely something there

    If you want him to approach you, smile to him, I think you do,otherwise you wouldn't ask this questions.I usually do not wonder about stares that I get from guys who I am not interested