Is he flirting?

What does it mean when a guy constantly stares at you?

This guy always stares at me and he does this even when I look at him and then he snaps out of his staring and smiles at me. We know each other wonder why he does that , it does not scare me just want to know why, I look normal he really stars when I dress up. Is he call himself flirting or fantasizing?


Most Helpful Guy

  • women are the masters at flirting, most men can be pretty good at it, but there are quite a few men who mean well, but just suck at the flirting game.

    if you like the guy, give him a break, and ask him out. hell, maybe his is fantasizing about you? that's a good thing, means he likes you, men do NOT fantasize over unattractive women.

    maybe he needs some encouragement from you to actually make a move.

    a smile from a woman does not mean "ask me out already" in a man's brain.

    he needs an engraved invite.