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He broke up with me why does he still flirt with me?

Okay so me and my boyfriend broke up like a month and a half ago but when we broke up he was like it's not that I don't like you because I DEFFINATLY... Show More

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  • My Ex did the same thing to me.please I'm telling you DO NOT fall for the flirting. Trust me he told me he wanted to get back together with me but he didn't want to deal with the stress of a girlfriend, just yesterday he told me he was going out with someone else and I just walked away, he tried to talk to me but I didn't talk to him. Don't let your Ex be your life please believe me when I tell you that I was just in the same experience with my Ex. Statring yesterday I stopped talking to him Its seems to me like your trying to convince yourself that he's a nice guy, trust me he might have used to be a nice guy, but now he is known as a heartt-breaker. If you don't get over him now then one day the same thing is going to happen to you. You are going to find out that he's with someone else. I'm sorry that this has happened to you, its the worst thing to happen in a young teens life. PLEASE move on before its too late, before it hurts more than it has to, because keep in mind.its NOT hurting him. Why should you stress over a guy who doesn't even think about you outside of the school halls.Hes thinking of only himself and what he wants.and I'm sorry but its not you. Once again Please trust me the same thing happened to me and the pain is worse than anything in the world. LIVE YOUR LIFE FOR YOU, NOT HIM.

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  • Maybe he still love you

    • He doesn't still love her or he does, BUT he just doesn't realize it yet...one day though...theres always hope

  • Were you having sex with him?. If so then he is just wanting a booty call.If not, I can see how you would get mixed messages. I would just lay low and find some one else till he gets his whoring out of the way

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