Have you ever had a crush on an attractive stranger on public transport?

Lol. Just a temporary attraction e.g. "Wow I'm sitting next to THAT guy!"


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  • Yeah, and just imagine being a guy where if you stare or just look too long, people will think you're a weirdo. Women can just ogle a guy day and night and it's a compliment.

    • Oh I don't stare. I just subtly glance. You see, this is the mistake guys make. They obviously stare. Well at least I hope I'm not too obvious...

    • I'm always staring, but a mere glance from my ugly face and girls run screaming out

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  • Haha yeah. Sometimes I'll see someone maybe at the grocery store, at a restaurant, or wherever else and I just say to myself, "If only those goofy ladies didn't play so hard to get and paint the wrong picture of me, I'd go up to them and flirt like hell". Then I move on with my miserable little male life :)

    Like this one MILF I saw walked past one of my classrooms. She was like the sexiest mom I have probably ever seen. I wanted to walk out and talk to her but figured, "Um, yeah right. Random guy going out of his way to talk to her." Oh well

    • "misserable little male life" shows a lack of confidence resulting in your hesitation to approach women who are essencialy just people like you and i. With that in mind, "flirting like hell" will not be the best technique to use on getting to know someone better. If you are having an off day, you want someone balance between flirting and beign genuine.

      As for the sexy mom thing...be carefull, she has children and likely a husband. You shoudl respect that, not soley fish for sex there.

    • Yeah, I've come to accept that it is a lack of confidence. It's something that I've struggled with before but was too stubborn to admit that I'm not completely over it all. And yeah, flirting like hell is sort of like releasing the thoughts that you have locked away. It may not be the most "effective" thing, but it explains why men tend to blurt out sexual things. It's just a really driving factor in us. But yeah, I recognize that it is an insecurity or feeling of inferiority.

  • haha this used to happen to me a lot, I would notice someone, or sit next to someone and be sad when they left :P

  • every time I comute to boston or take subway in boston

  • There's always hot girls riding on the buses where I live. But I'm too nervous to sit next to them.. Although maybe I should because usually a big fat stinky dude will come and sit next to me if I sit by myself.


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  • Yeah. I mean, I am human.

  • All the time but my is at work. At work I'll meet all type of guys.

  • I don't like when men do this shamelessly.

    • Developing a crush or staring?

    • both.

      You can't develope a crush on someone who you basicly do not know at all. Unless you can see their soul in their eyes and it's "love at first sight", in that case, that's not a crush and is as rare as being hit by lightening (which I have been, though, I wish I won the lottery instead).

  • I know this is kinda late, but I feel this music video is perfect (you can figure out the gist even though it's not in english): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bbvfWpabIo

  • haha. hapens quite often atually