He keeps saying he wants to see me but never sets a date...Why is he doing this??

i've known this guy for almost 3 years never been in a relationship so I guess you call it friends with benefits but I fell in love with him and he claims he loves me too. well back in Nov he told me he was with his child's mom so I completely cut off all ties with him. He contacted me through facebook and would occasionally message me I deleted fb mainly to focus on my life and so he wouldn't contact me because I wasn't strong enough to start back being friends with him. a week later he texts me which was surprising because I thought he lost my number. well he keeps saying how he wants to see me and when I say OK he never says when. last night he texted me asking if I was coming to see him or if he was coming to me and when I replied back asking what he wanted he never responded. I don't understand why he is doing this. Can someone please give me insight