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Why does he pull me in & then push me away?

He always wants me when it's convenient for him but doesn't want me when it's not convenient? Why?

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  • Bc he's a jerk and you deserve better and you know it. so stop messing around with his crap, leave his ass, and find someone to treat you right :)

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  • how do you feel about that? About this situation. Deos it make you think of him when he's not in touch? are you left wondering where he is and what he's doing. how many days is the gap usually? do you try to contact him and if so does he revert or not?

  • Really? He wants you when it's convenient for him because it's convenient for him. That means it's easy on him to have you.He doesn't want you when it's inconvenient for him because it's inconvenient for him. That means it's hard on him to have you.

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