Intimidating girls?

Is it possible that guys don't ask certain girls out because they find them intimidating? I can name a hundred different situations where I've seen a pretty girl with an awesome personality go guy-less because they simply don't ask, while less hot and duller friends seem to have one all the time. It's ironic but it seems possible.

If so, then what traits in a girl are considered intimidating to a guy?


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  • Yes, guys are intimidated by hot girls. Some guys who have incredible suave and confidence are not afraid. Here's the process of what guys could possibly think. Guy sees a hot girl and recognizes she's hot. "She probably has a boyfriend; there's no point." Another option is "she's way out of my league; she'll just put me in the friend zone." A third option is "she's hot so she must be a bitch and not down to earth." It's easier to talk to girls who are average and below average looks because there's no sexual tension because subconsciously, guys don't really want anything from them. Aren't you shy around guys who are "good-looking?"

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      Ooh okay. I guess I get where you're coming from. It's just funny how a lot of really pretty down to earth girls think there's something wrong with them cause guys don't ask them out. And I'm kind of a guys girl-a lot of my best friends are guys-so I personally don't get shy around men, hot or not.

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      The ironic thing is that there's nothing wrong with those girls. It's sad to see them worry about it, but it's just guys not having enough confidence because it's very hard to walk up to someone and say I like you.

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      Lol guys shouldn't worry so much then . I think a lot of girls would love it if a guy said that straight out. It would be very hard to say no in my opinion.