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I still have feelings for him. Why would he say all these things to me then basically act like it never happened?

So I accidentally texted my ex the night of St.Patrick's Day and we started talking. This is the first time for probably a month. We broke up in... Show More

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  • He replied like that because he was embarrassed about the previous night. Especially the way you said he was drunk and frisky - he knew he wasn't very drunk, and he probably does still like you. But you made him embarrassed so he tried to just use short replies to still tell you how he felt - he said maybe he was a little frisky, which means he was trying to tell you he was serious about what he said last night. In my opinion he's not a jerk; he's just embarrassed, especially because of the way you confronted him about it, making it seem like you're assuming what he said wasn't from the heart. Hope this helped, and good luck :)

    Even though he's probably not a jerk, there's always a reason for a breakup, so it's probably better just to try to forget him.

    • Okay thank you for your answer!

    • No problem :)

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  • So, who gives a sh*t? That's the attitude that you need to take if you want to get over this. Don't ponder why he did this or why he did that? Maybe, he just wanted to f*** with you one last time, but it doesn't f***ing matter because you are better off without him.Thus, it doesn't matter.

    • Pretty much this.

    • I just want some sort of answer though! It drives me insane.

    • It's still driving you insane; I'm assuming you want some closure. First, I'm not a mentalist so I don't know what the guy is thinking; however, he denys it because he changed his mind. He doesn't want you. So, move on now!

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  • Why would he say all these things to me then basically act like it never happened?: you've already answered that -> "cause clearly he is a jerk!"

    Now, just let go of this, and don't contact him anymore at all. Even if you accidentally do or if he did, ignore and don't respond at all. If it's really affecting you and if you have the guts, delete most of his contact. It helps. Moreover, quit thinking about what he thinks. Say what if he gets a new girlfriend now? What if he has a new crush? So, what can you do about it should all these happen? You still gotta move on with life. Does it help if you still like him in this case? Not at all, and in fact, he doesn't care regardless of what he says you to you.

    Do what you couldn't do when you were in a relationship right now. It's easier said than done, but be tougher and stronger than that! We can only help you if you are willing to help yourself. x

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