I still have feelings for him. Why would he say all these things to me then basically act like it never happened?

So I accidentally texted my ex the night of St.Patrick's Day and we started talking. This is the first time for probably a month. We broke up in November but it was very back and forth for a while. Anyway he started saying things like he thinks about me more than he should and that he effed things up with me. Said he missed me and even talked about coming to visit me. He lived in my city while we were dating but after we broke up moved back to his hometown which is 3 hours away. So it's not like he was testing me for a booty call that night. The next day I was thinking I shouldn't take it too seriously because he could have been drunk.He didn't seem like it though because his texts were completely coherent. But I decided to text him and was just like heyyy were you a little drunk last night? haha. I tried to say it in a joking way just to make it light. He said not too bad. And then I was just like oh you were a little frisky haha. And he said maybe. And that was it. He basically brushed me off. Why would he say all those things to me that night and then act like it didn't happen? I haven't heard from him since. Especially if he wasn't even really drunk?! I just don't get this guy. I want to just forget about him but I still have feelings for him. I don't want to at all cause clearly he is a jerk!


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  • He replied like that because he was embarrassed about the previous night. Especially the way you said he was drunk and frisky - he knew he wasn't very drunk, and he probably does still like you. But you made him embarrassed so he tried to just use short replies to still tell you how he felt - he said maybe he was a little frisky, which means he was trying to tell you he was serious about what he said last night. In my opinion he's not a jerk; he's just embarrassed, especially because of the way you confronted him about it, making it seem like you're assuming what he said wasn't from the heart. Hope this helped, and good luck :)

    Even though he's probably not a jerk, there's always a reason for a breakup, so it's probably better just to try to forget him.

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      Okay thank you for your answer!

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      No problem :)