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When a guy asks "do you have a boyfriend," does that mean he's interested in you?

Guy and girl answers appreciated. Guy answers preferred.

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  • It's not a simple yes/no answer.

    You see, since the guy is the one who usually has to pursue the girl, he needs to know what girls are worth pursuing and which ones are a waste of time..

    (if a girl is already taken, she is a waste of time)

    So if a guy asks you if you have a boyfriend, I wouldn't automatically assume he's interested in you.

    I mean, he obviously has to have some interest to even be asking in the first place. But he could still be deciding if he wants to ask you out or not. Or especially if he doesn't know you that well yet, he may not know if he likes you or not.

    And yet another possibility is that he's not even asking for himself, but he's trying to find out because someone he knows is interested in you.

What Guys Said 12

  • In most cases, yes. Obviously, context matters, but most of the time it's because he's interested in you and he's trying to determine if you are taken before trying to persue any further relationship with you.

  • Most likely.

  • Yes.

  • to be honest its pretty self explanitory - Yes, he is interested.

  • in most cases it means he's checking to see what his options are...is there a chance he could take you on a date or is he going to possibly have to wait a little tos ee where your relationship goes with your bf...AKA he likes you

  • depends on the context, if he's single and knows you as a aquantince or friend, than probably.

  • Yes, he is probably interested and wants to see if you're available before taking it further

  • Most likely, yes. Under normal circumstances, a guy might not care if you have a boyfriend because he's not interested in you, so he's not interested in knowing. But if a guy is trying to figure out if he should chase you then he'll ask.

  • not really.

    • If a guy asks me about my boyfriend it can mean only two things: He is stupid and not interested in me. or He is stupid and interested in me. In both cases I won't bother to answer his question...and what do you think prince charming?

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    • sorry "i think you're cute" isn't a question. but its a comment that you can do and it doesn't mean ure interested.

    • I agree with your example about compliments, but I do not agree with you about the question. If someone is your friend then you probably know about her boyfriend, so why do you ask. If she isn't your friend then it's quite impolite or even stupid to ask. But this is my opinion. I guess there are some cultural differences between different people and countries )

  • It really depends on the situation and what any previous discussions have revolved around. If it's somewhat out of the blue then yes it's a good sign he's got some interest in you.

  • yeah I wouldn't be talking to you anymore if you did. hahaha. gotta plant some seeds...

What Girls Said 3

  • I think normally he would be. WHy would he want to ask anyways if he doesn't already know the answer?

  • Most of the time, yes it does

  • i think so, why else would he want to know, I think he would want to know if he had a chance at you or not, or maybe he's just asking for a friends or something..

    i believe every random question has a reason for the person to ask it.. no one ever asked a random question(or any question) without thinking about it..

    no matter what the question you are going to ask.. you ask yourself first and see if you yourself know

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