I feel like I have sinned against God.. How do I make it right?

I've never been extremely religious, but I noticed within the past few months I've been acting so anti-catholic or however you want to call it. I go to a catholic high school, but I don't attend liturgies when we have them, I don't participate in morning prayer or anything and I have just come to realization of how terrible I feel about it. I haven't gone to church in a few years or anything, but how do I start to make things right again, I feel like God won't forgive me for me going against him


Most Helpful Girl

  • What you are going through is normal for young people who are religious. Sometimes we get burnt out on it, and we just need a break from all of the practices. To tell you the honest truth, sometimes when we don't practice the acts that we have to in our set religion, it could mean you need to find another religion ( or another belief) you are interesting in more. I think God will forgive you because he knows we are not perfect. Just ask Jesus for forgivness, and do what you FEEL is right for yourself. God will lead you to where you need to be.