Do guys think some girls are out of their league and never even bother asking them out?

like if they were friends and flirting all the time but the guy doesn't think much of himself as goodlooking,


Most Helpful Guy

  • Flirting means nothing, people do it for fun. If they are friends, all the more so -- it means you're "safe" to flirt and have fun with, but anything more than that is a no-no. Try to cross the line and you get bounced right back. See it all the time...

    To answer your title question, absolutely yes. a 4/10 guy wouldn't have much of a chance asking a 9/10 girl out, so he doesn't. Sure, he may be a believer of the "everyone has a shot with everyone" BS, in which case he'll be collecting rejections left and right until he realizes "oh maybe that's not how it works."