What do I do to make him mine and ONLY mine?

Ok. I am going to go out with this guy that I really like, but he already has a girlfriend. The thig is, he likes me too. So we're going to the Renaissance Festival this weekend and I want to make him mine and only mine. Should I hang out with him in the large beautiful gardens and kiss him? Would that be enough to get him to break up with his current girlfriend and make me his if he really likes me? Please give me some good advice.

Thanks 4 all the advice from everybody! I have gotten a SINGLE boyfriend and completely forgotten about the guy that already had a gf. Thanks again 4 people who answered and the people who at least viewed and considered answering!


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  • why would you do that don't you think you'll be in her place next time when a pretty or hot girl show up ,try to find a real man who don't play games with girls I know you think he will not do that to you but guess what if he do it once he'll do it always , he's a cheater and you shouldn't be with a guy like this ,its up to you after all .

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      Are you sayin I shouldnt even give him a chance?or talk to him about it? I'm only askin because you seem very rational

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      Honestly don't give him the chance to play with you're feelings and then you get hurts

      if you can't be friend only with him and he want more tell him that you're not interested in him more than friendship , before you start to make strong feelings for him try to find a guy whos not into these games and single , who'll treat you right and not going to run after any girl who'll be in the scene and faithful for you even if you're not with him , good luck with it ..