Why do women go after married men?

I found after I got married I been hit on by more girls then normal. Why is that? Do women get more horny around married men? Do they like the excitement of being Fu*cked by married men? I don't understand.


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  • I think at first its the deal of wanting what you can't have. he could be a cool, great guy (or just an average guy, or a loser in some girls cases) and on top of that, he's unavailable. you want him even more now, if you ever wanted him at all, that is. also, he's committed to another girl and made one of the biggest symbolic moves for commitment in our culture. you think, oh that's a guy who is serious, and there must be something great if another woman chose to marry him. he's definitely boyfriend material, husband material...maybe we can be together. Its a thrill chasing what you can't have, even if you don't really want the same commitment from him, which you usually dont. Sometimes you do, though.

    Also, if he does flirt or cheat, there's definitely a thrill there. definitely. its forbidden lust, sometimes love. its hot, its dirty. you're two little dirty sex monkeys doing what society, his wife, the priest, rabbi, etc. told you not to do. very much like children who want to break the rules even when they have been taught that its wrong or that there will be consequences. in that moment, you don't care. there's an adrenaline rush, some intoxicating feeling of rebellion in something as simple as sex here. what could have just been great sex between two sexy people on any other day, in any other situation, is now an explosion of flavor, you're dipping your fingers, your entire f***ing hand into the sauce they told you was off limits, poisonous, or "only for dessert, kids." its an unbelievably delicious flavor to have what isn't yours, what you're not supposed to have, and it's sometimes mixed with an after taste of guilt.

    lmao. well, see, I've been "the other woman" more times than I care to admit. its really that good to people like me. for other types of people, not so much.

    • Thanks for the answer. I have a hard time not doing anything with some of these girls when they are so aggressive. And they are hot. I am running out of self discipline and need this stuff to stop.

    • Reminder to self: Buy a wedding ring and start wearing it to the club.

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  • Why do tons of married men go after single women?

    People like what they like.

  • humans want what they can't have...

  • I don't think I've ever done that...not into married men. But I do agree, you sometimes want what you can't have.

  • I guess because they want what they can't have and maybe it's the rush of doing something wrong. I don't know. I'm never done it personally and can't imagine why anyone would

  • Yes. In some cases a married man is quite alluring. Especially if you can tell he doesn't want to do it. It makes the chase more fun. Married men in some cases act as though they are missing out on something else so having some fun with them is a little of a power thing. I met my last boyfriend when he was in a serious relationship. I believe in being able to meet the right person while you are with the wrong person. But I would never trust a married man to leave his wife.

  • Sorry but I don't know any women that go after married men, you must be an exception.

    We all want what we can't have, but that doesn't mean we go after it. Not any women that has self-respect anyway. Let me ask you. Do you wear your wedding ring or are you one of these men that simply like to hide that fact, until a girl does become attracted to you and then all of a sudden your married?

    This is a very touchy subject for me, and yes I'm bitter.

    You see there is a man that has been flirting with me for over a year, he glances at me, stares at me. Looks me in the eyes and even knows my damn name. I asked a few, why would a guy do this but never ask a you out, everyone said he's probably shy, they all said the same thing, be a little more friendlier, smile try and talk with him. Well guess what, he's not shy he's f***ing married!

    Now he's got my attention, I became attracted to him, but without the knowledge of him being married. I wasn't chasing him or pursuing him. I did nothing wrong, but simply be in the wrong place. I'm sorry but I don't believe that any of these girls know your a happily married man.

    I want money and lots of it, but that does NOT mean I'm going to go rob a bank, or think of it.


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  • Married men are a sign of stability. Women want men who can support them.

  • You always want what you can't have. A married man is forbidden friut.

  • Am I the only one that isn't immediately intrigued by things just because I'm not supposed to have them, or is that just a female thing?

  • i guess its the girls wanting a guy they can't have.

    ive never been married but when I've had a girlfriend, other girls would hit on me. when I'm single, nothing... I gotta do all the work. its like they can smell it on you hahaha

  • People want what they can't have. For example when I got a girlfriend I was hit on by girls all the time it's because before they could have got me anytime but now I'm taken and they can't have me it's weird