I beat up my boyfriend.

My boyfriend and me went a party together. we got separated during the party. I didn't feel so I texted him saying I'm home. On the home I felt someone grab behide and I thought someone trying was kidnap me. I kicked him in family jewels. Realizing I just attack my boyfriend who just inocently trying gave a kiss on the check. His friends were there too laughing their heads. He haven't talk to me since. What Should I do? I felt so stupid .


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  • Well, that's a bit of a mess, but it does have ways to get fixed.

    How long ago did this happen? If it was just a couple days give him another day or so to recover (believe me, an injury like that takes time to heal both physically and emotionally). Then try to talk to him, make sure he's in a good mood and explain what happened and that you're sorry. If he's for real he'll forgive you, if he's not then he'll bitch and moan about it.

    If it was a while ago (like 2 weeks or more) and he still hasn't said a word to you, he's likely not coming back and at this point there is little you can do to change his mind. Also if you laughed along with his friends when it happend whether you meant to or not (and I'm not saying that you did) then he's not coming back and he won't even give you the light of day anymore, I wouldn't.


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  • A hard enough kick to a mans testicles can cause testicular torsion. I won't go into detail, but you might want to ask your boyfriend if he is still having pains. If so he might want to get checked out by his doctor, such injuries can occasionally result in a reduction of sperm production or even loss of the testicle. Other than that, I'm sure things will blow over.unless of course it costs him a testicle, things might be awkward after that.

    The testicular torsion is very rare though :P

  • well you probably did not hit him hard enough to hurt his jewels but you definitely hurt his ego, just be really sweet to him, and let him know it was just a mistake.


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