Why is he flirting with other chicks?

I know my crush likes me back (his friends told me)...but why does he flirt with other girls in front of me? he is a very loud, outgoing boy, and has always to say something but when it comes to talk with me, he is so quiet (maybe because I'm quiet too?)...he doesn't treat me like other chicks. He always makes fun with the others but with me he is so serious :( why?


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  • well its obvious. he likes u. with other girls he can say what he wants to cause he ain't serious. but when it comes to you he's a little more cautious because he's afraid of saying the wrong thing. since you said your kinda quiet he probably thinks of you as a little more intimidating. he might thing your a serious kinda person. but he still wants to impress u. you should just let loose a little. joke around with him.

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      thanks for the best answer. its pretty simple to answer because I've been like that with girls and I've seen girls act the same towards guys

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      no problem, you deserved it :)