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Why is he flirting with other chicks?

I know my crush likes me back (his friends told me)...but why does he flirt with other girls in front of me? he is a very loud, outgoing boy, and has... Show More

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  • well its obvious. he likes u. with other girls he can say what he wants to cause he ain't serious. but when it comes to you he's a little more cautious because he's afraid of saying the wrong thing. since you said your kinda quiet he probably thinks of you as a little more intimidating. he might thing your a serious kinda person. but he still wants to impress u. you should just let loose a little. joke around with him.

    • thanks for the best answer. its pretty simple to answer because I've been like that with girls and I've seen girls act the same towards guys

    • no problem, you deserved it :)

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What Guys Said 10

  • It's always a little bit more uncomfortable around someone you like. He feels no pressure in talking to those girls because he's not interested in them.

  • Ezmotts & ruby123 are right. Maybe you should tease your crush yourself and see how he reacts.

  • Its because he likes you he doesn't want to look dumb if your get mad or act funny at something he does or says to you he wants to show that he can act stable and mature with you. He jokes and messes around with them because he doesn't care how they perceive him.

  • hey!I know this is a bit random... but when I'm around chicks I don't really care about I'm always a bit of a joker, a teaser... but when I'm with a girl I really like, I become all silent and confused. maybe that's what's happening..

  • Maybe the passion or anger you possess when you are mad at him for flirting with other girls comes out when you two get intimate. Like you try extra hard to please him and he has subconsciously picked up on that.

  • Are your hands on your hip?

    • why do you wanna know it? :S

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    • yeah, my hand is on my hip...is that so strange? :D

    • link Check the answers

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  • horny

  • My girlfriend told the police her name was Malibu Barbie the other night.

What Girls Said 3

  • he's a player. don't try to date him...

  • He's just probably trying to make you jealous, and if he's loud and outgoing with loads of other girls, but quiet around you that means you're distinct and you stand out from the rest in his opinion, he's probably just quiet because he realllllly likes you and doesn't want to mess up by saying anything stupid.I would say you be the one to flirt with him to make him less intimidated

    • Dudes usually don't go out of their way to make chicks they like jealous...thats a girl thing. He's probably shy and perhaps tries to make up for it by being more talkative/flirty with other girls. Think of it more as showing off for you.

  • myabe he wants you to be jealous and chase him

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