He ignores me AGAIN! What is his problem?

okay so I met this guy this past fall, and we've been getting along pretty well. We sorta lost touch for bit during the winter because we had no classes together. But during the spring we had a class together so we reconnected, and sat next to each other during class. I also have a tumblr blogging account, and on my page, there's the option to ask me questions. One day, some random person asked me if I had feelings for anyone at the moment and who is the boy that I have feelings for yada yadda yadda. I traced the IP address because I was curious who was asking me those questions. It got traced back to a place in Rowland Heights, which is where he lives. I'm not sure if it is him who's asking me those questions, but I don't know anyone else who lives in Rowland Heights so I have a feeling it may be him. The atmosphere also kinda changed between us during the late half of the quarter. I started to notice that even though we were sitting together, he didn't talk to me as much as he did in the beginning of the quarter. For the last 2 weeks of class before finals, he kinda almost stopped talking to me. (he would talk to his other friends and kinda ignore me) He stopped responding to me online as well. So I'm like, well okay, **** you. Then, a few days ago, he started talking to me online again, and I'm like WTF, after you've been ignoring me, you strike up a casual conversation as if nothing has happened? But I didn't say that. I responded friendly. Then he stopped talking to me AGAIN! Today, we found out our grades for the spring quarter, and I I'm him telling him about my grades, and he ignores me AGAIN! WTF is his problem? I don't know if I did anything to annoy him, but why is he acting like this? What did I do to deserve this. I'm sorry I'm being over dramatic, but it bothers me. Please help me.