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Acting cool // or not interested?

alright so their is this guy and we flirt all the time and he gave me his number and whenever I see him I smile and wave and say heyy and then he... Show More

  • Vote A Just trying to act cool, still likes me
  • Vote B Just being a player....move on girl!!!
  • Vote C Doesn't like you
  • Vote D I don't know...
well the news is that he is going out with another girl.

ANDD for the guys to comment please.why do guys do that? they act like they like the girl then ask out another girl.

Comments would be appreciated : ) Thanks!

What Guys Said 1

  • He was with his friends so he wasn't probably in the mood for lovey dovey stuff. Just try and hang out with him outside of school, if you can, then something should happen.

    • Well, popular guys are usually very flirty, same with girls. It sucks, but that's just how those kinds of people operate for a while I think.

What Girls Said 1

  • I hate it when guys do that!, it really just puts a big sign saying I have a split personality on there forehead. The best way you can tell is if one day he's all hugging on you and then the next day he's not. This isn't the most ideal guy to go after it already is showing you the kind of relationship he would have with you. The we can act like a couple outside of school but inside school I don't know you. So I'd just move on and find a guy who doesn't care what his friends think and will actually show affection to you. I have been through this situation as well he was all loving outside of school but in school he kind of ignored me and pretended he didn knwo me.

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