Acting cool // or not interested?

alright so their is this guy and we flirt all the time and he gave me his number and whenever I see him I smile and wave and say heyy and then he comes over and hugs me! and we talk and stuff but then yesterday we did that and we were having a conversation and I felt that since we were in the hallway he was trying to act cool and not be interested in our conversation then just left with his friends. He plays football and he has lots of friends that are girls and he talks to them that I see but I don't know if he flirts (but they don't hug deff) and I think he was trying to act cool when his friends came over but its been really bothering me.

does he like me?!

was he just trying to act cool in front of his friends?

thanks! : )

  • Vote A Just trying to act cool, still likes me
  • Vote B Just being a player....move on girl!!!
  • Vote C Doesn't like you
  • Vote D I don't know...
And you are? I'm a GirlI'm a Guy
well the news is that he is going out with another girl.

ANDD for the guys to comment please.why do guys do that? they act like they like the girl then ask out another girl.

Comments would be appreciated : ) Thanks!