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He doesn't show affection.

I have been dating this guy for 6 months now and at the beginning everything was amazing.sweet, caring and lots of attention and now he tells he me... Show More

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    At least not yet. I'm puzzled that a guy who was once affectionate would stop being affectionate, say he's not affectionate, and say he's not changing, even though he knows that affection is something you want and need.

    Maybe affection was a way of getting you in the sack. If so, it's not a bad ploy, but he needs to own up to that, and quit the marriage talk.

    Maybe he's an idiot. To be affectionate, to an affectionate person, to consider marrying them, when you're not affectionate--that's just dumb.

    There may be a kinder, gentler reason that I can't think of, but that's something he can tell you, during the "What the hell happened?" sit-down you're about to have.

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  • omg I feel like you took my story right out out of my life. I had the SAME situation. Iwas engaged to the guy aand broke it off because I couldn't tolerate it. its either I married him and accepted who he is, or find someone who will show me some attention and make me feel special when I'm with him. I picked choice two.

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