Why do women not give poor men a chance? No matter how great they are?

I mean sure poor women shouldn't go for poor men considering it wouldn't help the cause, but what's with average money making women and rich women not wanting to give poor men a chance at all? No matter how great and hard working they are. Not lazy like other poor men but willing to work hard. Because rich guys and average guys don't really care how poor a girl is. They look past that. Sure men have been prehistorically seen as the "providers" but in today's society where even women make money to provide for the family, why does money in the opposite gender matter so much to women? I'm not poor at all but I'm just curious. This is why you see tons of poor men homeless and hardly any women homeless.

I'm not saying women should go for every broke guy coming their way but the rich or good money making women should give the nice ones a chance. Some are just too unlucky to avoid being poor, no matter how hard they try.

Lol I don't know who gave this question a 1 star. How can this question offend anyone enough to give it a 1 star out of 5. It was my curiosity that led me to ask this question.


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  • I have no idea why most women behave like this. I wish I had an answer for you. Most women are scum. And do you know why? Becuase women are the biggest manipulators and don't tell things straight how it is. They like to play games and beat around the bush forever. If women were up front about things like this then they would get over their egos a lot faster. Because if they directly said to a guy: "Sorry you don't make enough money so you can be hot and hard working but you won't have a chance to date me let alone marry me" A LOT of men would tell these bitches to go screw themselves and maybe they'd wake up and realize that love is about how you connect with a person on levels outside of how much money they have in their wallet.

    Poor guys should focus on looking pulled together and having an education. Because in the end, at least in my opinion, that's the wealthiest type of man out there and a definite winner in my book!

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      If I met a girl like you or even you in real life, I'd instantly fall in love!