Why is he still flirting? Even though he has a girlfriend?

Soo, This dude and I, we've been flirting. He randomly cones and hugs me, he messes with my earrings even if I've worn them before, helps me all the time and rarely let's anyone else help me but him, texts me constantly,compliments me, etc. That's flirting right? Anyway, This last time we were... Show More

Most Helpful Girl

  • That's a normal thing for guys your age to do when they're in a relationship. They have no idea what they want and usually will jump on any attractive girl they see for the attention. If it bothers you then tell him that you don't want to be in that situation because he has a girlfriend. Other than that just ignore it. I definitely would let him know that you would appreciate him to just treat you as a friend though because if its making you feel uncomfortable and hurting you more than its not the right situation for you to be in.