How to say no to men?

So yesterday a guy came up to me and asked for my number. I had never talked or even seen him before. I was in such a state of shock that I ended up giving my number to him. I have a guy who I am already interested in and is interested in me. I was actually sitting outside waiting for him to get out of a meeting when this happened. Anyways, if he does end up asking me to hang out what should I tell him? Do I say "I've already made plans" and leave it at that? I feel really guilty for giving this guy my number. Both because I am kind of in a relationship and because I should have said no right away. I feel like I lead this guy on. For some reason I am going through this period where a lot of guys are asking for my number (I hope that doesn't sound pretentious) but I really am only interested in the one guy and want nothing to do with other men. How do I say no when guys ask for my number in the future?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I usually go into places expecting to be hit on or approached (not in a conceited way, but to prepare myself). When I do that I can prepare myself for what I'm going to say, what I will or will not tolerate, etc.

    Im similar, I'm too nice, and I put up with bullsh*t all the time.

    However, I'm getting better. Last night I was at the bar and some dude was trying to talk to me and was too close so I told him to back off, and he did.

    Baby steps. But, if you prepare yourself before you go into the situation, you'll have an easier time.