How to say no to men?

So yesterday a guy came up to me and asked for my number. I had never talked or even seen him before. I was in such a state of shock that I ended up giving my number to him. I have a guy who I am already interested in and is interested in me. I was actually sitting outside waiting for him to get out of a meeting when this happened. Anyways, if he does end up asking me to hang out what should I tell him? Do I say "I've already made plans" and leave it at that? I feel really guilty for giving this guy my number. Both because I am kind of in a relationship and because I should have said no right away. I feel like I lead this guy on. For some reason I am going through this period where a lot of guys are asking for my number (I hope that doesn't sound pretentious) but I really am only interested in the one guy and want nothing to do with other men. How do I say no when guys ask for my number in the future?


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  • I usually go into places expecting to be hit on or approached (not in a conceited way, but to prepare myself). When I do that I can prepare myself for what I'm going to say, what I will or will not tolerate, etc.

    Im similar, I'm too nice, and I put up with bullsh*t all the time.

    However, I'm getting better. Last night I was at the bar and some dude was trying to talk to me and was too close so I told him to back off, and he did.

    Baby steps. But, if you prepare yourself before you go into the situation, you'll have an easier time.

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What Guys Said 2

  • Don't lie and say you have a boyfriend if you don't.

    Just be honest and tell him you're not interested. Have a little backbone.

  • It is always good to have boy "friends". or so that is what girls tell me...


What Girls Said 6

  • You don't owe him anything. You already gave him your number, just tell him that you are sorry, but are not interested. Be straight up. It might hurt him now, but he will be thankful that you didn't string him along when you already had a guy you were interested in. No one likes to be strung along, and he will get over it, if he persists just ignore his texts, he will get the hint eventually. I know that sounds mean but honestly, it's the only thing you can do.

  • just say you don't give out your number. he doesn't have a right to it just because he asks. just say o. what's the big deal. you don't have to give a reason. & why should you lie & say you have a boyfriend. if you don't have abf., you still don't have to give out your number.

  • tell him that you have a boyfriend (even if its not true) and that your not interested...

  • Tell him you're interested/dating someone else now. In the future, say "Sorry, I'm not interested" and keep it moving.

  • that's happened to me before. don't feel so guilty its really not THAT big of a deal! just tell him that you've already made plans and then ignore his phone calls. next time a guy asks for your number, pause. don't answer a question without thinking. and then just say no thanks I'm dating someone or say I'm not interested.