How do I make him chase after me?

i've been dating this boy for about 7 months. well I would say we've been dating. but he has never asked me out. but still calls me baby tells me how much I mean to him how great I am, but he just doesn't know what he wants right now. and every time I pull away and try to move on he always comes running back. but then I give in and he does it all over again. I've never felt the way I feel about him with anyone else and I don't want to lose him. I recently heard him say he likes "the chase" so I figure that's what I have to do to make him want me. but how exactly do I do that is the question.



Most Helpful Girl

  • I think he is just messing with you. It sounds like he doesn't really want anything serious, but he doesn't want you to move on because then you won't give him attention. the best way to handle boys like that is just to stop giving them what they want (attention) and they will act crazy trying to get yours. If he thinks there is competition out there he will start chasing you because he doesn't want you to go anywhere. Keep in mind that this game-playing will might not get you anywhere in the long run because even if a guy chases you doesn't mean he'll act right when he has you.