What quality do you find most attractive in girls, guys?

What quality do you find is the most attractive in a girl?

Is it a good sense of humour? Or a girl who's talkative? Or a girl who is always friendly?

I don't know. Tell us, what tickles your pickle.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Nothing tickles my pickle it gets itchy randomly.

    A girl with a nice smile.

    A girl who is very cleaving and dedicated to me. Please note I said cleaving not cleavage. Big


    Personal hygeine is great!

    Preferably 46 chromosomes per cell

    A wonderful laugh. Nothing Is more infecting then a wonderful laugh!

    Able to give her attention to me when I'm trying to express my adoration.

    And patience to put up with me because as important ad it is to use toilet paper

    When you do a number 2 I need to work on becoming a better man. And there are a lot of rolls to go.

    This is all I need for her to be perfect to me.now the next question is how much of a gentleman can I be!

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