Why is he jealous?

We haven't officially broken up. He says his feelings for me has changed, but he still cares about me. The best way to describe it is a break. Anyways, I'm hurt about it all, but I try not to let it show. I act how I normally would act. I was talking with a guy we met not too long ago. The guy and I were joking around. Perfectly harmless. There's nothing going on between us. I don't have an interest in him like that and he's in a long-term relationship. We were all talking one night and my boyfriend confronted me later asking why I said something. The way he described it to me sounded like I had been flirting with the other guy. He seemed upset about it. I wasn't flirting with that guy at all. On the contrary, I was trying to flirt with my boyfriend, but he misunderstood. I also didn't catch something that was said prior and when he told me I saw how he could come to that conclusion, but regardless, he's the one who wanted a break, so why would it matter to him? He seems to think that he can flirt and date other girls and it shouldn't affect me, but if I (accidently) flirt with some guy he gets all jealous. I'm the one who is vocal about still having feelings for him. It's expected that I'd be hurt. I asked him about it and he told me he was more concerned about my safety, but I can take care of myself. I don't know what's going through his head.

Our break is mostly because of circumstances out of our control. We're long distance right now. I'm certain he gets heat from his guy friends to date other girls. He hasn't yet to my knowledge. It's complicated because we still like each other.


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  • frens play a huge role in one's life you know?if his frens are asking him to date other girls.he's 60% more likely to date/fiirt around.even though he still likes you he'll be semi-forced to date sooner or later.especially so when you guys are far away from each other.the temptation will be strong

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      Yeah. My friends tell me the same, but I'm just not interested. I'd be lying if I said I never found any other guys attractive, but I'm not interested in persuing them in a serious relationship though. Half because I still care about him and half because I know it'd hurt him and any chances of us being together at all. To me it's as bad as cheating.

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      I see what you mean. But would he go so far to save face with his friends even if it means breaking my heart? These friends are mostly people he just met. I know he wants friends because he was lacking them, but at what price?

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      Now that question is only something he can answer..at what price exactly..i don't know wats his limit is..