Like to cuddle and spoon?

So whether its on the sofa, or in bed with or without having sex do guys like to cuddle and spoon women?Apparently the spooning position is when women feel most safe and relaxed and distressed. I know myself I really like it so was just curious if blokes like it, like doing it.


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  • its not that guys don't like cuddling or spooning, but just doing it creates sexual tensions, men see cuddling or spooning as foreplay.

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  • Cuddling is awsome, I wish I could do it more.

  • Yeah, I love cuddling. I would have to say that the worst part about cuddling is stopping. Personally I love having my girlfriend fall asleep on my shoulder or chest.

  • I love it, the whole cuddling bit is awesome. my girl and I can be laying around watching tv and it is so relaxing to lay there spooning with her. granted, often times our cuddle sessions lead to more. but even afterwards I can't get close enough. so the post sex cuddle is even better, I love to fall asleep with her in my arms.

  • I'm a big cuddler, but I don't get to do it very often. So, not having much in the way of affection, I'm probably a little more over affectionate and touchy feely. Not being inappropriate, but I'm usually trying to cuddle if she and I are alone. I don't overstep my boundaries with people much, so I don't cuddle. I'd love to do it though.

  • I do!

  • Not really. I know that's not being pc but, for me, not really. Would I do it to please you? Yes. Just being straight, darlin.If I was sexually satisfied, it would be tolerable. If not, and I was crazy for you, I would be feeling sexual tension and too much testosterone.

  • Definitely.

    • I'm kind of a big wuss and I love cuddling. It feels really good. Don't get me wrong I like to get a bit more mischievous as well, but I like cuddling. All the emotions that it creates that run through your body are very different and a welcome change from the usual.

  • haha, as long as I get to play the big spoon lol

  • it depends on the guy. personally I love cuddling and spooning. most guys won't admit it in public or anything in fear of being made in fun of my other men but meh.

  • Some guys don't and some does. . . I'd say cuddle fun fun part :D

  • Some do some don't. Personally I love it.

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  • I wish a guy would cuddle with me, but I can never get alone with one. mom and dad seem to tail me everywhere I go. It's so annoying. but I think that guys like to cuddle. The ones that I know sure do.

  • why not? my boyfriend loves it when we cuddle and do spooning lol

  • I have just split up with a wonderful guy whom I love, but because he feels that cuddling, kissing and laying my legs on him while we watch tv on the sofa (a rare occurance, cos we usually sit in separate chairs) I have left him because he feels that's all soppy nonsence. He's a believer in 'treat em mean, keep em keen. ' We have been together thru thick and thin for nearly 2 years and I can't do it anymore. I need affection, reassurance and demonstrations of love. Having 'sex' every 6 weeks doesn't work at all. Don't know why he feels we had any kind of relationship; we were just friends, and definately not lovers. I actually feel as tho I'm starving to death. When we talked about it he was fine for 24 hrs, but then I think he decided he'd given me enough of a top up to last me a while! I'm sorry but I need love and attention. I love him but he can't actually show me in the way that I need to be shown, that he loves me too. All very sad at my time of life. I'm 52.

    • I'm looking for someone who wants those things. I would be delighted for my girl to prop her legs on my lap as I softly lay my hands on them. The closeness, the touch, the tendernesd, it's all really great stuff in my book. Keep your head up and your eyes open for the right guy. He's out thete. You made the right choice leaving a guy who didn't satisfy your needs. I would leave a girl who didn't satisfy mine.

  • My boyfriend and I cuddle a lot, especially when we're laying in bed watching a movie or something. Or sometimes we'll just be laying there doing nothing and he'll cuddle with me.

    • Yeah, my boyfriend and I are currently long distance, so right now we usually see each other on the weekends, but there's a possibility of us moving in together. Good luck with your guy!

    • That's a good balance! though my situation's a bit different because so far in the 3 weeks we've known each other we've only got the chance to even see each other one day a week so he took the little chances he had to make out with me. don't get me wrong - we're not just "hook-up buddies"; we've also talked on the phone and written to each other on myspace a whole lot, I've met his mom and brother and he might meet my parents soon, and we're planning on going on a real date soon. yay!

    • My boyfriend knows when the time is appropriate for kissing and making out. Usually when we're laying there watching a movie, he'll kiss me on the forehead or something and I'll kiss him back once, but that's usually the extent of it.

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  • well usually whenever I try to just cuddle with my "special friend" [while we're watching TV] he turns his head to kiss me or at least motions his face so I would kiss him, which I usually do. this is especially if I move my body in some way, so it seems like that's a signal to him that we should make out some more. and he also rubs my arm a lot. so I believe that many guys don't like to just cuddle like women do sometimes/a lot but they do it as a beginning to be more physical.