Do you hug? Why do you hug?

I don't hug. Part of it is me being anti-social and not caring to admit that breaking the touch barrier is a step in the courtship process. The other is that I'm Chinese, we're very conservative and it's not normal to hug others spontaneously in China. I've never even hug my parents or family since I was a baby.

A lot of girls I know get offended when I don't hug them. Some even to the point where they don't bother talking to me anymore. Not that I consider those types of girls worth knowing any longer...

So do you hug? Why? Do girls do it because it feels good with guys, or is it just a type of greeting?


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  • *hugs iXeno* :D

    i used to be VERY anti-hug. in middle school, I was known for hating hugs and stuff like that so the night of the 8th grade prom, I legit got assault-hugged by 20 different people. x___x twas very traumatizing. in high school, I got a little bit better, but I still felt kinda awkward hugging people...things changed in college because my roommate was SUPER touchy-feely lol. hugs ALLLL the time, for no good reason either :p she made me feel really comfortable, and soon after, I was able to hug others more naturally. I still am pretty reserved, but I have no issues hugging my close friends. it's a combination of a greeting and an acknowledgement that I like and trust you enough to embrace you.

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      So I'm a close friend? Hmph.

      *turns around and silently sheds a manly tear*

      Hah... just kidding.

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      Mom. Stop embarrassing me on GaG... all these girls are making me feel insecure...


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      okayyyy, little Xeno. don't spend too much time on here. dinner in 2 hours! :D