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Do you hug? Why do you hug?

I don't hug. Part of it is me being anti-social and not caring to admit that breaking the touch barrier is a step in the courtship process. The other... Show More

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  • *hugs iXeno* :D

    i used to be VERY anti-hug. in middle school, I was known for hating hugs and stuff like that so the night of the 8th grade prom, I legit got assault-hugged by 20 different people. x___x twas very traumatizing. in high school, I got a little bit better, but I still felt kinda awkward hugging people...things changed in college because my roommate was SUPER touchy-feely lol. hugs ALLLL the time, for no good reason either :p she made me feel really comfortable, and soon after, I was able to hug others more naturally. I still am pretty reserved, but I have no issues hugging my close friends. it's a combination of a greeting and an acknowledgement that I like and trust you enough to embrace you.

    • So I'm a close friend? Hmph.

      *turns around and silently sheds a manly tear*

      Hah... just kidding.

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    • Mom. Stop embarrassing me on GaG... all these girls are making me feel insecure...


    • okayyyy, little Xeno. don't spend too much time on here. dinner in 2 hours! :D

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  • I have a chinese friend who's never hugged her parents either, but she's used to giving us hugs. I don't really care tbh, I give hugs but only initiate them with really close friends, not with people I've just met. When it comes to guys, if they want to hug me they can, but I don't expect one and I won't be offended if they don't. But they have to want one, I'm not a very touchy feely person.

  • I love to hug people I care about. I'm a shy person, but I'm also very affectionate; I love showing affection and receiving it in return. I don't get offended if someone's not really the hugging type.. although I may hug them anyway. A hug to me is just reassuring and comforting.

    • Hmm.

  • I hug only when needed. usually I nodd and say hey.

    My greetings in my family go from bowing, to hugging, to handshakes,ot head on hands...its weird...but I hug only when I missed someone for so long. not just hug...because I really enjoy it.

    because I usually don't

  • *hug. Lol. ; )

    • -.-

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    • Now, now.


    • : ) haha

  • Yeah, I hug :) Mostly because it feels good but also because in the Middle East you hug and kiss people as a greeting, so I'm pretty used to doing that. It's how I greet my friends.

  • I hug my friends occasionally but rarely my parents or siblings. There's just something there that prohibits me from hugging my family, probably because they know my personality and have long-lasting impressions and it just feels a bit odd to hug people who you're very close to. I hug because I'm happy, there's something to celebrate, it's a special moment, etc.

  • I love hugs. They're vital to my survival, haha.

    I usually hug my friends when I see them and when we say bye, and of course hugs and kisses for family when we have get-togethers. I also hug my parents every night before bed.

  • No. I just can't hug people. I only can hug my mother.

    I am very distant with other people and some people are offended when they try to hug me and I don't want to...

  • I only hug certain people. I hate when people I don't really know try to hug me... It's so awkward.

  • Yes I enjoy physical contact. It's part of human nature.

    • Perhaps.

  • I hug because I was brought up with an Italian culture and that is how you greet people.

    In your case, "A lot of girls I know get offended when I don't hug them." I think girls got more attention when they were little. They use to get picked up and hugged all the time, so that is how they are taught to be, and when someone doesn't hug them they find it weird.

    • Well just to clarify, I got a lot of attention as a kid. Just not that type of attention I suppose.

    • Well, that is what I mean. I lot of picking you up, and hugging you. When I was little, I got held a lot. I was so use to it that I use to not let my mommy not hug me. I'd pester her until I she held me. I guess I just need a lot of love. =]

  • I love hugs. I love the feeling of a guy's arms wrapping around me and holding me close, his smell, the closeness, the intimacy. That bubble that wraps around you and you feel impervious to everything around you. Maybe feeling his stubble against my cheek, I love that contrast.

    *watches as iXenomorph gags* :D

    • Your presence is irritating me, young padawan.

  • i only hug when I have to stab the person quietly

  • Not for the hell of it.If I hug, there's a reason behind it

What Guys Said 8

  • I do bro hugs when I haven't seen the dude in forever and I don't really hug girls.

  • Back in the day a few years ago, it was pretty much like: "...people DO that?"

    Now I only hug people who have hugged me before, are important to me, and are female.

  • Yes, generally though it depends on the culture I'm around. With freinds I tend to do the general hand shake hug (not sure what its called). But my family are from brazil, its teh cultural norm there to greet each other with hugs, even many times those who arn't family. I live in England and would greet people with hugs but given the culture is so different here I just wouldn't people would get the wrong idea lol

  • I not usually a hugger, but if some girl wants to hug me I'll go for it. I'm kind of a big teddy bear.

  • nope I don't hug

  • I would. But only happens once in a blue moon.

  • it would feel good to get a hug

  • i don't hug

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