Do you hug? Why do you hug?

I don't hug. Part of it is me being anti-social and not caring to admit that breaking the touch barrier is a step in the courtship process. The other... Show More

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  • *hugs iXeno* :D

    i used to be VERY anti-hug. in middle school, I was known for hating hugs and stuff like that so the night of the 8th grade prom, I legit got assault-hugged by 20 different people. x___x twas very traumatizing. in high school, I got a little bit better, but I still felt kinda awkward hugging people...things changed in college because my roommate was SUPER touchy-feely lol. hugs ALLLL the time, for no good reason either :p she made me feel really comfortable, and soon after, I was able to hug others more naturally. I still am pretty reserved, but I have no issues hugging my close friends. it's a combination of a greeting and an acknowledgement that I like and trust you enough to embrace you.

    • So I'm a close friend? Hmph.

      *turns around and silently sheds a manly tear*

      Hah... just kidding.

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    • Mom. Stop embarrassing me on GaG... all these girls are making me feel insecure...


    • okayyyy, little Xeno. don't spend too much time on here. dinner in 2 hours! :D