Do you consider not finding black chicks attractive, racist?

I don't think black girls are attractive and I'm not a racist so


" I don't think you're attractive because you are fat and have a plain face, not because of your ancestry that you had no control over." Your implying that if you can't control the way you look you should automatically be seen as attractive. That's the way I took it and I'm not even trying to be a douche and twist whqt your saying I don't know how else to take that. I'm kind of over this I'm not racist and I know it Dicks have a mind of their own and mine doesn't get hard over black chicks not my fault
@anonymous a**hole you must know I'm right if you blocked me why else would you do that? And I'm not racist a**hole! Its not possible to control who your attracted to even black chicks have my back on this ha ha your just wrong
Idk why you think blocking me is a cool thing I thought we were having a pretty good debate, your just too childish to have a conversation that's sociologically taboo. I win.


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  • i also don't find you attractive and that doesn't make me a racist.

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      No it means you have bad taste

      hahahah :p

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