Do you consider not finding black chicks attractive, racist?

I don't think black girls are attractive and I'm not a racist so


" I don't think you're attractive because you are fat and have a plain face, not because of your ancestry that you had no control over." Your implying that if you can't control the way you look you should automatically be seen as attractive. That's the way I took it and I'm not even trying to be a douche and twist whqt your saying I don't know how else to take that. I'm kind of over this I'm not racist and I know it Dicks have a mind of their own and mine doesn't get hard over black chicks not my fault
@anonymous a**hole you must know I'm right if you blocked me why else would you do that? And I'm not racist a**hole! Its not possible to control who your attracted to even black chicks have my back on this ha ha your just wrong
Idk why you think blocking me is a cool thing I thought we were having a pretty good debate, your just too childish to have a conversation that's sociologically taboo. I win.


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  • i also don't find you attractive and that doesn't make me a racist.


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  • Why are y'all getting butt hurt? Crying and whining because some white boy you probably wouldn't even look twice at isn't attracted to you. Lol come on, you don't need everyone approval. This is what annoys me about the handful of black people on this site

    • Lol if you think that's real racism, anonymous girl below me. Can we say dramatic?

    • The bitch blocked me! Haha

  • No that alone wouldn't make you racist. I'm not attracted to guys who aren't black and that doesn't make me racist

  • No.

    You like what you like.

    Did someone seriously call you racist for that? I know several people who don't find black girls attractive - so what.

    What a f***ing idiot whoever told you that.

    • No they didn't say it to me but I've heard it, I've also heard that liking Asian girls is racist, but I think that's just because people love to complain and start problems.

    • People are just close minded and sensitive. Some black chicks hear that a white guy doesn't like black girls, and all hell breaks loose - probably because we are already self destructive as is -

      Anyway, I heard liking Asian girls makes a guy like exotic or something? More cultural - didn't know it was a racist thing?

      Ugh people are retarded. And yes, they really do.

  • Racism involves hate, silly :P

  • it's just a preference thing,you're not racist unless you hate them and simply refuse to be attracted to them cause you're against other races. but you are a crazy bastard,LOOK link

  • I wouldn't count it as racist, that's just your preference :P

  • if you were 'racist;' you woldn't necessarily know. like bulimia. you don't 'know'. that's how disordered thinking works.

  • racism and dating preferences are two different things. just because someone doesn't like you because of their preference doesn't mean they're racist. it's only when someone has f***ed up ideas about other race types of people, then that's racism.

  • I read in some article that it's even scientific fact that most people are most attracted to their own race and mixed races

  • it's your choice and taste, u'r not a racist..u'r just being honest for what you like or prefer

  • you are not racist at all. people just have different taste

    you would be racist if you actually hated black people but I don't think that's your case

  • So you're saying there's no such thing as a pretty Black girl? None in existence for you? If your answer is no, then yes, you are a racist. I would prefer a tall man, but if a short man was nice to me, then I would have no choice but to be nice back.

    When you set aside physical challenges you find more about people to like. You'll probably find that Black people aren't so ugly.

    • There are a lot of light skinned black chicks I think are pretty. But no I've never seen a dark skinned black girl I thought was attractive. I don't think its racist I can't help what type of girls I like and I just know I'm not a racist. I wasn't asking this because I thought I was racist. I know I'm not, I was just curious what others thought

  • no but it seems that way when someone says it to your face. that's my experience

  • it's a form of racism because there are some very gorgeous black females out there.

    but you really can't talk because you are fat, pale, pasty and you have a below averag face. You're not even a 4 and a half on a scale of one to 10

    • At first I thought it was a little racist too but then I decided that it's definitely not because I know myself and I'm not at all racist. If someone is cool I like them, regardless of race. However if she's too dark I don't find her attractive and there's absolutely nothing I can do about it. And as far as your rating goes I agree with you, but fortunately for me I have a hot girlfriend so I couldn't care less what you thought about my appearance. :)

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    • @PrettyBrown, oh please. "Butt hurt"? "Crying and whining"? First of all, get a thesaurus and refresh your vocabulary instead of sounding like a broken record and repeating the same old sh*t. 2nd of all, one is no automatically butt hurt for speaking out against racism.

    • The bitch sure did ;) haha

  • Nope. It's called preference.

  • It isn't racist. I am not attracted to every type of race. Racist is going around saying mean things about them, or holding them up the stereotypes for no reason.


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  • No and the fact that you can admit it makes you even less racist.

  • Its not typical racism but some may argue that it is a form of racism because you are excluding a whole race no matter how attractive they are.

  • no not at all. You like what you like

  • I think if you can say that there is an entire race of people whom you don't find attractive, that it can be said you're a racist.

    Obviously there are different shades of racism.

    • How? I'm not attracted to black men at all - but I'm black - does that make me racist?

      Or does it not count because I'm black myself?

      But then, isn't that bending the racist rules you presented?

      It's just preference honestly.

    • I don't think so, people have their preferences about appearances and all black girls are black, so I don't prefer them appearance-wise. @ sweetoness thanks you get it lol

    • Oh, I understand what you're trying to say QA, I just disagree.


    Seriously, it's just a preference. Me personally prefer black girls but because there are so few that I'm compatible with, I look at white women.Sort of like my trump card and it easier to find a cool white girl. And I'm not really into Asian women at all. AW are often cute, but no sex appeal.

    • hahaha not into Asian women nice to know...there's a saying you can't please everybody :)

  • I consider that to be a matter of personal preference beyond one's control.

  • Nope. Not racist. Just preferences. I'm Indian and majority of the girls don't find us Indian men attractive. That doesn't mean majority of the girls are racist though.

  • i don't think so unless that the real reason. its same as that some people like fried chicken and some people like sushi and some like big mac. preference is not racist. don't let people confuse you and tell ya it is. there are too many mofos in the world that disseminate too much weirdness and confusion as it is.