Why did he just stop talking to me?

i was sleeping with this guy and we started to become friends he would also do cute things like cuddle after sex and he told me cute things too like how I'm smart and how much he loves my body and stuff. I invited him to this party but I told him I didn't want it to be weird like if he wanted to take home me or another girl or both its cool I just wanted him to have a good time. he ended up taking home this other girl I know and I got WAY too drunk. he called me the next morning to ask how to wake her up then I didn't hear from him for about a week when he texted me to get some girls number (not the girl he took home but her best friend) I tried texting him a couple of times before that to see if he had a good time and to apologize for getting so sh** faced but he never replied. a few days later I asked him why he doesn't talk to me anymore and he never replied then I sent him another text maybe an hour later telling him that I thought we were starting to become friends but if he doesn't want to see me any more than I'll respect that. to make things more complicated I moved into my apartment yesterday which is two blocks from his, before we lived about thirty minutes away. I understand that I can do better and I shouldn't waste my time but it's just so fu**ing irritating when people just stop talking to you for no reason.


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  • I'm not a guy, but I think that he was just using you for sex and wanted to move on after he got it. Sad I know, but that's what it soundslike. He got what he wanted from you and didn't want/need anything else so he didn't want to tell you that to your face, so he just stopped responding. I know it's sad and pitiful, but that's what I think he did. Don't waste your time on him and stop texting him. If he wants to be your friend he will text you himself. Doesn't sound like you lost anyone that great. Move on and find someone who you deserve. He doesn't sound too special to me anyway and there are plenty more friends you can make since you just wanted to be friends.


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  • you should of never mention him bringing another girl, or that that would be cool..bc. its not..if he is sleeping with you, why is it okk for him to bring someone else? you are not friends , friends do not sleep with each other, frnds with benefits usually turn out one person being attached. So in the future, don't give a guy an impression that it is ok to sleep with you like its noa big deal, and go out with other girls, he most likely saw not future with you and moved on nd got what he wanted from u..as bad as it sounds.. so let go of him..when you see him don't pay any attention to him...He did you wrong, don't ask him question nothing..that sounds desperate and annoying...if he liked you he would of never took anothr girl..and that txt askin for that girls number was just a hint that he is moving on..and you shuldnt expect anything from him..

  • He 's a selfish jerk. Move on and have a good life without him.