Why would you just stop flirting with someone you like?

This guys been flirting with me a lot I'll call him guy #1. All of a suddenly he stops. I know he still attracted to me because I always catch him staring and when I notice he looks away. There's another guy that seems to be around that seems to like me ill call him # 2. Guy 2 always talks to me... Show More

I think guy 2 is leading towards something but I'm not attracted to him.

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  • Do you find them attractive? Did you flirt back with guy 1? Did you give him a " go sign"? he stops flirting unless he feels that you are not into him or he does't like the competition.

    • I find guy 1 very attractive. He seems to be a real simple guy very serious at times. I did reciprocate but stopped because I was confused. He also stopped and just glances at me now. Guy 2 is okay and seems like a nice guy and always talks to me when ever he sees me. Why is it that the guy your not attracted to is the one that actually approaches you.

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    • I'm glad I can help. Please let me know how it goes if you don't mind, message me or something. I think you still have a chance, whereas I don't. I'm a big believer if he and I are meant to be together, we'll be together someday, hopefully soon.

    • I will. I'm a big believer too! :)